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Medieval II challenges you to take control
of one of seventeen great kingdoms

and lead it through five centuries of medieval conflict to total domination.
Build massive castles, develop vast cities,
and control your economy and your people.

Raise huge armies and lead them to war.
Fight spectacular real-time battles on massive,
realistic battlefields.

To achieve victory, you will use diplomacy
and trade, make deals, forge alliances,

build monopolies, buy, sell, and betray.
You will encounter religion and power.
Spread your faith, deal with heresy, elect
the pope, start crusades.

Develop your technology.
Conquer a vast empire.
Encounter other civilisations.
And discover the New World.
Conquer the Grand Campaign or fight historical battles.
Create your own custom battles,
or battle your friends online.
This is an age of darkness.
This is Medieval II: Total War.
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Medieval II: Total War Collection for Mac Gameplay demo

97 Folder Collection
wei published on December 16, 2018
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