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  • Hey everyone, I'm Anton Strenger, lead designer for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

  • We really appreciate everyone's response to the game's latest update.

  • Here's a preview of what you can expect in the next update.

  • First, we noticed a lot of players wanted to see the Loyalty system work with Religious gameplay.

  • And we thought this is a great idea.

  • So what we've done is we've added increased Loyalty for cities that are following your religion,

  • and decreased Loyalty for cities that are following a different religion than the one that you've founded.

  • We're also continuing to make many different balance adjustments, including updates to several Social Policies and Governments,

  • as well as Seondeok's Hwarang ability and Magnus's first promotion.

  • Plus, we heard that there weren't enough turtles, so we're adding more throughout the map.

  • We also recognize that England was nerfed a little too strongly in the last patch

  • So we've updated Pax Britannica to grant a free unit when you settle not just on a continent other than your home continent,

  • but also when you build a Royal Navy Dockyard in that new city.

  • There has also been a lot of discussion in the community about Joint Wars.

  • These rules have been updated.

  • First, Joint Wars may now be declared using Casus Belli, which will require a denouncement from at least one of the players.

  • Second, AI and players can join wars that have already begun, and gain the benefits of the Casus Belli in effect.

  • Fans have also reported a blunder in an AI favored yields table.

  • This addition was initially added to help the AI prioritize similarly to how we've seen players prioritize.

  • We've fixed this so that they're working as intended, and we're seeing a general all-around improvement in AI scores.

  • Finally, we're extremely pleased with the response to the Historic Moments we added in the Rise and Fall expansion,

  • so we've added even more of these that are targeting things that happen later in the game.

  • These include things like creating National Parks and finishing all buildings in the Aerodrome district.

  • We'll have a full list of all changes once the update goes live.

  • We hope that these updates addressing major player feedback will have you taking one more turn for the months to come.

  • Thank you for your continued support of Civilization VI!

Hey everyone, I'm Anton Strenger, lead designer for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

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