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  • yo what is up it is your boi

  • 00:00:26,720 --> 00:00:28,720 I'm still in the air

  • landed that perfectly

  • Maybe I missed my calling maybe I should do stunt montages moose knuckle productions presents

  • Super legit, Aniston Montage

  • wicked sick

  • perfect

  • in [places]

  • already better

  • Would you look at this.

  • I'm not Gonna make it oh

  • I

  • Put a big dent in this wing

  • I'll be taking this motorcycle with me. Thank you

  • Well after all those stunts. I better go get my car fixed. [oh]

  • I have to buy more money

  • That doesn't sound right, [I] gotta buy more money

  • Later.

  • Make it better, holy shit

  • I heard a scream a [thud] in this plaque with beard horn

  • We're done you got there. Oh yeah patches

  • Topples [effect]

  • Wait, whoa shit get out of here get out of here get out. This is my

  • This is my spot

  • get out

  • It okay, but I got important stuff to do oh

  • [see] ya, I'm just working on this guy. Hey, okay. I want to go to the sky

  • Yo

  • Here [we] go beautiful everything

  • I stopped this car on our [slope]. I did pull the students freaking out. I was coming after you heaven

  • [I] saved you

  • [alright] in the name of heavy metals get the fuck out

  • Yeah, have we met about doing it. How am I still doing it? Yeah, [you] know [he] pulled you out. Oh, you fucking

  • Motherfucker wearing your bodyguards here

  • That's how I roll bitch Rock [and] roll

  • Hey

  • Shield motherfucker hey, bro. [can] you touch rock don't do it man, but what what you gonna do about it? Huh? Huh?

  • We were doing better than ike

  • I

  • Thank you the guy. I was defending don't touch he's mine

  • Adana Bus, but [Anna] bus we can do whatever we can do this what?

  • [fucking] terrible

yo what is up it is your boi

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