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While their iconic testing device—
known as a phoropter—
and the rows of ever-shrinking letters
on a vision test…
may look like something
out of Victorian times…
in reality, optometrists use state-of-the-art
science and technology to examine
patients' vision.
In addition to diagnosing sight problems,
optometrists prescribe eyeglasses
and contact lenses to correct vision,
and they may perform minor surgeries.
They also diagnose and treat eye diseases
or injuries and manage other eye disorders.
Optometrists rely on interpersonal skills
to help patients feel at ease
and respond effectively to vision testing.
At vision check-ups,
they counsel patients on
how broader health care affects eyesight,
and promote good eye health practices.
The accuracy of their prescription relies
both on their technical skills
and a clear understanding
between doctor and patient.
Most optometrists work in
offices of optometry.
Others work in doctors' offices,
optical goods stores, or are self-employed.
Optometrists work full time,
and may work weekends or evenings
to accommodate their patients' needs.
Optometrists must complete
a 4-year Doctor of Optometry program
and be licensed to practice
in a particular state.
They must also pass the
National Board of Examiners
in Optometry exam.
Doctoral program applicants must have
completed at least 3 years of college
that include courses in biology,
chemistry, physics,
English and math.
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29-1041.00 - Optometrists

17 Folder Collection
wei published on December 15, 2018
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