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attractive up-to-date glasses
or contact lenses
give people a new look
—and, even better—
help them see the world more clearly.
Opticians help customers
choose eyeglass frames or contact lenses,
following prescriptions from
ophthalmologists and optometrists.
After measuring customers' eyes and faces,
opticians create work orders
to have the glasses and lenses made…
when the glasses come in
from the manufacturer,
opticians adjust them to fit the customer
and teach customers how to care
for their eyewear.
Opticians working in small shops
or preparing custom orders
may sometimes cut lenses
and prepare frames…
many repair broken frames.
They also maintain sales records,
keep track of customers' prescriptions,
and order inventory.
Opticians generally work full time,
although part-time schedules
are not uncommon.
Most opticians work in optometrist offices
and in retail stores—
which may include evening
and weekend hours.
Opticians typically have
a high school diploma or equivalent
and receive on-the-job training.
Some opticians earn an associate's degree
or a certificate.
Many states require licensure.
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Opticians Career Video

35 Folder Collection
wei published on December 15, 2018
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