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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
rolls out today, meaning that companies need

to share with you any personally identifiable
information that they've collected about

you. Putting aside the spam of emails we've
all received, and how creepy some of this

information is, it's a big win for us.
And Valve have 2 interesting pages that you'll

want to check out. In the video's description.
The first is CS:GO's. Go to your GAMES,

click on Personal Game Data and you can see
all of the information they've been storing

about you. They know the last time you played
Arms Race was in 2016. They know everybody

you've ever reported, and what you're
accusing them of.

Your loadout and equipped skins. Your pick'em
predictions. How you did in the last operation.

How few drops you got from watching majors.
Who you like to play with, your latency to

locations around the world, and more.
Commendations shouldn't come as a surprise,

because if you're like me then you've
tried commending a friend only to be told

you've already done it. But still, it comes
as a bit of a surprise to see all of this

information presented to you in such a comprehensive

There's information about every match you've
played since last October. Which map was played,

who you played with, what the scores were…
and even the wait time before the match started.

And if this sounds like something you're
really interested in knowing, you should check

out csgostats.gg which has been around for
a while, allowing you to upload your matches

for an analysis.
Back to GDPR, although them knowing all this

information about you can be scary, fortunately,
this is a privacy update, not a massive reveal

to all, so it's not like anybody can view
your data. Only you. And Valve.

There's an anti-addiction counter. Dota2
warns you when you've been online for an

unhealthy amount of time, but CS:GO does not.
But what IS this number? Is it the amount

of time you've unhealthily spent on CS:GO
in total? How concerned Valve is about you?

The amount of times they've put you in horribly
1-sided games to try and get you to stop playing?

…Nope, nothing so sinister. It's the amount
of time CS:GO was loaded for the last time

you played it.
Although since they know your match history,

they might still be doing those things.
So that's for CS:GO. There are also pages

like this for DOTA2, TF2… and even Portal
2, though that's not quite as comprehensive

as the others.
But there's more: you can also see your

Steam account history from this page which
contains a link to pretty much EVERY BIT OF

This page helped me to realise how vast the

Steam platform is, and how little of it I
know of, let alone use. Not all of this is

new, but it's good to have it all in one
place and I have immediately bookmarked this

page- a lot of these pages seem difficult
to find otherwise. There's no way I can

cover all of these links in this video. But
here are a few of my favourites:

You can see all stored chatlogs here with
everybody you've spoken to on Steam. This

only seems to record the last few conversations
you've had with them, or if you've had

a long chat, only the last few dozen messages
of that. And nothing is dating back more than

2 weeks. It's worth checking this page out
just to get a feel for how much is recorded

and for how long after it's been said.
The mobile settings page has to be the stupidest

looking part of Steam.
You can see the obscene amount that you've

spent on your Steam profile if you want to
feel bad. All of this dates yesterday, suggesting

that this is a new page created to comply
with GDPR, so it will be interesting to see

if it splits up future transactions separately.
Family Sharing lets you see who you've given

access to your account and have since forgotten
about. As well as the last time they abused

your forgetfulness by signing in! Don't
worry- it's easy to revoke their access.

You can see all of the comments you've made
on profiles dating back to 2012!

…and any outgoing emails you've generating
dating back to 2007 for me!

A bit like with the CS:GO reports, you can
see which profiles you've reported, as well

as the comment you accompanied the accusation

And hey, look at that- I got a ban without
realising. There was a spammy, scammy skin

group that banned me for 'spam'. Awesome.
But is all this enough for Steam to comply

with GDPR? What about your Trust Factor? Will
any more information be made available to

And to that I say: I don't know. While I

may be a CS:GO Youtuber, it doesn't immediately
make an expert on GDPR. This is complicated

stuff that even large companies with their
own legal teams, such as Google and Facebook,

are struggling to comply with. I'm going
to ASSUME that Valve knows more about it than

I do and that their privacy policy (also linked
in the description) abides by these new rules.

But it falls outside of my comfort zone to
talk about with any degree of certainty. I'll

link a few things in the video's description,
so you can see what GDPR aims to achieve and

what you're entitled to.
Take the right to be forgotten, for example.

Although I don't know for sure, it probably
doesn't mean you can ask Valve to delete

your match history every time you lose a game.
In Steam's Privacy policy right now, it

says that you can be forgotten… provided
you delete your Steam account. You probably

won't want to do that. Saying that, I'm
sure that you will have valid questions about

the grey-areas in GDPR that will need clarifying.
But please, don't come to me with these.

Hopefully somebody else more knowledgeable
than myself will come along who will know

the answers.
You can see a summary of GDPR's goals on

this page, which I'll link to in the video's
description should you want to know more.

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GDPR- What Valve knows about you

52 Folder Collection
wei published on December 15, 2018
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