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Hey what's going on everybody Chad
Christian aka Coach CWC coming at you
with another exciting video this is how
you can move your games to an external
drive and play them off of any system
and this can include your steam or
origin or battlenet games so let me show
you how you do this now the external
drive then i'm going to be using for
this video is a samsung t3 this is a one
terabyte SSD Drive i like using the SSD
drives me because it's not a mechanical
drive i don't have to worry about it
failing on me i can just throw it in a
bag and go
so this is my preferred drive for video
games and small backups things like that
so this is a USBC drive but you can see
here that the cable that comes with it
just plugs into a regular USB 3.0 or you
could swap this cable out and just go
USBC so because this is a macbook pro
because there are no regular USB 3.1 was
just us bc's i'm using this attack ii
adapter and with this adapter and i'll
leave a link below but with this adapter
allows me to use three USB 3.0 is an SD
card and a microSD card all-in-one
device so i'm going to plug this in here
plug this back into my laptop and we
will be good to go now for your steam
games you're going to want to locate
where those games are at in this case
I've already moved them but what you
want to do is you want to copy them over
so typically on your pc you'll find them
under your c drive or program files but
look for steam and then underneath steam
you're going to find steam apps and then
underneath that you're going to find
common now this is where all the games
by default get installed so this could
be on your C Drive verde dr just find
out where they're at
copy any of those games that you want
over to your new hard drive external SSD
whatever you want to use and then that's
going to be how we're going to tell
steam origin and
I don't have to look for them so let me
show you the next step ok so now that
I've got steam installed you can see I
just went up to steam and then settings
and within your settings here just go
down to downloads so you should click on
the download button then it's going to
ask where our content libraries are in
this case you can see it's just where
the defaulting of location is when we
installed steam i'm going to choose my
external drive which in this case is d
but on yours it could be whatever the
external drive is i'm going to point it
to the steam folder as you can see i
have all my applications in there i'm
going to choose the default just steam
folder that i have i'm going to select
that you can also see now that it shows
the seven games that i have in that
location i'm going to right click on
that steam and i'm going to make that my
default folder so make sure you do this
so every time it looks for it in there
and as you can see now if i go back to
my library games you see how the buttons
play instead of install or stream so any
games that i have installed directly and
to this external drive those ones will
be highlighted and I'm ready to play
them that's all you need to do for steam
you're good to go
so let me show you on the next
application how you do it
okay next up is origin and i've already
installed the desktop application so
once you've installed the desktop
application if you click on origin go
down to application settings in the
application settings on the top click on
install and saves click on game library
location change folder this is again
where you want to select your external
drive here so make sure you select your
external drive so now that I've got my
external drive selected and you can see
I've got my games in there and I chose
the order
in folder so you can see now it says the
origin games so make sure you copy over
the origin games folder from your old
system onto the external drive now you
can see if i click on battlefield it's
going to act like it doesn't know it's
there soon as I click on download its
then going to locate the files that are
on there make sure the file structure is
correct and you're done
let's move on to the next one let's move
on to battlenet ok so i have my
battlenet client installed on my desktop
so same thing again i just want to make
sure that i've copied over the games
that i want to in this case i just
copied over hearthstone and overwatch so
you can see there that they're located
in the folder and you can put them
anywhere on the drive that you want and
as long as in battle net you just point
right at the root of the drive it will
automatically detect where there s so
once i have chosen the route that now
looks for those that find them
same thing again it's now just going to
patch these up and you're ready to go
that's all you need to do you get to go
so that is how you can move and or play
any steam origin or battlenet games from
an external drive whether it's an SSD or
mechanical or if you want to backup your
gaming files put them somewhere in the
event that your system crashed you can
do the same thing or if you got a new
drive for your computer and you just
wanted to move them all without
redownloading all of them
that's how you do it so i hope you guys
like the video if you did make sure you
hit that thumbs up leave any comments
below on videos you'd like to see in the
make sure you stick around for the next
video when i show you the gameplay and
the macbook pro bass 13 and i'll see you
guys on the next video
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How to Play Games on External Drive - Steam, Origin, and Battlenet

43 Folder Collection
wei published on December 14, 2018
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