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New Loving Hut opens on Formosan (Taiwanese) island. The new Loving Hut Good Friend Veggi
House branch recently launched in Formosa’s popular Penghu archipelago as the first offshore
Loving Hut locale in Formosa (Taiwan).
Together, let’s Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! Yeah!
Like all locales of Loving Hut International, the Loving Hut Good Friend Veggi House exemplifies
Supreme Master Ching Hai’s concept of providing all customers with deliciously fresh and wholesome
cruelty-free cuisine at affordable prices, and it has already earned a very good reputation
amongst locals and tourists alike. In addition to serving traditional Chinese dishes such
as Pumpkin Dumpling Soup, the venue also specializes in exotic Southeast Asian flavors, such as
Singaporean Herbal Noodle Soup, Thai Coconut Rice, and Aulacese (Vietnamese) Summer Noodles.
Our Formosan correspondent shares more on location.
Formosan Correspondent: Penghu is Formosa’s largest offshore island. There are green seas,
blue skies, and brilliant sunshine. Every summer, it attracts many tourists to come
here to sightseeing. Now, there is also a wonderful Loving Hut here. Let’s go inside
together and have a look!
Customer (f): Wow! It smells so good!
Customer 2 (f): The meal preparation is very good; eating it makes me feel very good and
very happy.
Customer 3 (f): The service here is very friendly, and the price is very reasonable. Being vegan
makes me feel unburdened, with peace of mind.
Customer 4 (m): Vegetarianism is very good. From a medical aspect, it purifies our body
and improves our health; from the spiritual aspect, we can feel that we are full of compassion;
from the environmental aspect, it reduces carbon emissions.
Customer 2 (f): I want to bring my friends to dine here together!
Customers: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! Yeah!
VOICE: Hooray, Loving Hut, on another successful opening! We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai
for her continual encouragement for the sharing of this international endeavor. May such scrumptious
and fulfilling vegan cuisine bring us all on the fast track to a healthier, more kindhearted

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New Loving Hut opens in Penghu archipelago, Formosa Taiwan

1272 Folder Collection
sheng-de published on October 12, 2013
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