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Hello Youtube, BlueMatona here and welcome
to this episode of Game Guides where I will

be talking about the best faction to play
as in Rome: Total War.

While there are a lot of considerations that
go into this decision, the Seleucid Empire

is definitely the best faction for an Imperial
campaign, taking the top spot by just barely

edging out the Roman Brutii faction.
Founded by a former General of Alexander the
Great name Seleucus, the Seleucid Empire spans

from the western shores of Turkey where they
have the city Sardis to almost the edge of

the map in the East.
Starting a campaign with the Seleucids, you
control 6 territories and have one diplomat

and one spy.
While the economy of your empire will not
start out strong in this game, you have the

opportunity to take prosperous trading ports
in the west and south of your empire.

The Seleucids also have the ability to train
a wide variety of troops.

They have the powerful silver shield pikemen
and silver shield legionaries, which are basically

copies of the Roman legionary cohorts.
They can train Cataphracts and scythed chariots
onagers and armored war elephants.

In fact, the Seleucids can train 5 different
units that were chosen for my top ten units

in rome total war series.
Also, in the early game, Phalanx Pikemen can
make up a bulk of your armies.

So while the Seleucids have a weak economy
to start, they have the ability to field an

incredibly powerful army, giving them the
opportunity to expand, especially into the

economically powerful Greek, Macedonian, and
Egyptian lands around them.

If you're looking for a fun, war-heavy,
and enjoyable game, the Seleucids are definitely

the empire for you.
Thank you all for watching this video.
Please like, comment, favorite, and subscribe.
And as always, I'll see you all next time!
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WHAT IS THE BEST FACTION - Game Guides - Rome: Total War

36 Folder Collection
wei published on December 14, 2018
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