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Hey guys, What's up? It's Alex. So welcome back. The wine-making series.
Today is the fifth and final
episode of how to make fri-fri-fri freakish wine at home using only basic equipment.
In this series, I'm sharing my whole experience about wine-making at home
from fresh grapes all the way to beautiful wine
And using only cheap and basic equipment.Of course along the way
I will share fun facts and useful tips. Whether you want to make wine, or you just want to drink it, let's be honest,
Remember to always act safely and responsibly
So listen I never thought I would say that at some point in my life, but today
I'm gonna be opening and tasting my own bottle of red wine
Hahaha, but before we get to this, we still need to check up a few steps.
First, I need to get rid of the last impurities and also to clarify my wine
It is called fining and I need to use egg white for that
One egg white so about 40 grams will clarify 6 gallons of wine.
That's 22 liters of wine. I have 5 liters, so I need about nine grams of raw egg
And that should immediately trigger the word
Salmonella in your mind
That's not a nice word.
Anyways. Do not worry because of its acidity and alcohol content wine is a pretty good
antiseptic and antibacterial
Let it sit in the fridge for three days
The reason why I let it sit in the fridge instead of on shelf is because we are combining the fining with a cold stabilization.
That last process is here to turn tartaric acid into wine crystals in our plastic containers
instead of getting them in the bottles at the end
So the cold stabilization is over
Let's do a final racking you know that siphoning thing and also let's add a final dose of sulfides
I which have a complete calculus in the description down below, but at the end we need to add
375 grams of metabisulfite
Be super gentle as we want to keep all the impurities, crystals and egg white bits in the previous container
«Oh, merde !»
Now thoroughly clean and sanitize your wine bottles
Fill them up, just above the bottles' shoulders
And then, using a manual cocker and some elbow grease I am sealing the precious beverage inside
add a shrinking cap and hold the bottle upside down in boiling water to secure it in place and
last is the labeling process
I've been waiting for this
Tasting session like I feel like all my life, so in fact
I should still be waiting for about three more months before tasting those as there is a final
stabilization going on in the bottles
But I think we just found out about the limits of my commitment. A man can only take so much.
So let's open them without further ado.
So I'm going to be taking this very simply
I'm going to be reviewing the color, the taste and the flavor. I'm not a somnelier so just expect like normal comments from me
If you guys enjoyed the project and the commitment then please give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more
Foodie adventure, just of the
It's not the best obviously but I think we did a good job on this. It's almost transparent
To remember where we came from far far away, and now second the color. It's a nice
but light red with um
Orange-y purple-y shades inside
Now the smell
Smells a bit acidic but not too much doesn't smell like vinegar
Smells fruity I can feel the alcohol content in it - to the smell it's not mellow. It's more you know
There is some kick to it
So finally at the eleventh month of hard work now is the time to taste it
«Eh ben, putain» It's very weird cause I'm almost getting emotional
Definitely not the best one I had in my life., But I don't know. it's just the result of so much work
so much time spent
Okay emotions overall now from an objective point of view. Softness,
Freshness fruitiness. But to me the thing it's really lacking is
Intensity. It's like a cheap supermarket wine
Which is a great quality if you consider everything that could go wrong in this process, so I guess I just made a drinking wine
Right so I'm going to keep on sleeping on my wine, but in the meantime
I'm also going to give you my final five pieces of advice if you were to replicate this
Winemaking journey, and I will share them from the least important all the way to the most
crucial piece of advice so listen very carefully
number five make a winemaking
Schedule beforehand, it's really important that you don't miss important step in the journey
I missed a few the wine is okay. Maybe I was lucky
Forget a commercially available
Winemaking kit all the equipment or the professionals that is going to be so much easier for you afterwards?
I mean the winemaking process is really hard on its own the reason why I built
Everything was just to show you that it's possible, but if I were to do it off camera
I would definitely use a winemaking kit, and then the link in the description down below to a decent one
3 get a proper and practical sanitizing agent
I was working with bleach at first which is okay because it works
But as soon as I got a good one like a practical one. I was able to work twice or even three times as fast
Number two use dedicated wine grapes. I use Black Muscat
Which is both a table grape and a wine grape
But I think that pure wine grapes are definitely better suited for that job think of Shiraz ofrMerlot or Cabernet
Sauvignon or Malbec for example and the one piece of advice the most important is that
you should be making way my wine than I did I only started with 10 kilos of grapes and
I ended with four bottles of wine ah I guess I'm going to cherish them very much
But I just wish I had made tons more like at least 10 times more, okay?
Maybe not 10 times 5 times, but again, that's it
I hope you enjoy this whole project the whole wine making journey
I really hope that you learned a few things along the way and that you will give it a try
It really is a satisfying and rewarding
Experience it does require a bit of effort. I'm not gonna Lie
thank you all so much for all your love for all your comments for all your
Messages on Facebook Instagram Twitter and of course here on YouTube an extra special
Thanks goes to all my patreon. Thank you guys so much for supporting me financially it really does make a difference
I am a bit sad to end up this
winemaking series
But let's be honest you know and I know that it's for the best cause there are
Exciting series that will be coming to this channel very soon
take care
stay curious. bye bye. Salut.
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5. Still Can't Believe I Made My Own Wine ( emotional... )

40 Folder Collection
Li-chieh Young published on December 12, 2018
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