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Hello everyone and welcome in this video we are checking out the 2018 Subaru WRX STI
Type RA that type RA standing for
record attempt
Dating back to a records attempted Subaru did and then this name has stuck around the type RA so it has some changes
the standard
You've got a new intake. You've got a new exhaust the exhaust alone giving about two additional horsepower reducing back pressure by 50%
They have actually now sodium filled
Valves which are just on the type RA to help pull some of that heat away from the combustion chamber
They have new Pistons
they say you know the reason behind the Pistons is for the slight amount of additional horsepower and also because
They want this vehicle to be able to just go out on the track running all day
They know that the people buying a type array
You know or the type that might?
Might want to take it to a track and as a result. They want to make sure that those pistons are good
So they've strengthened up the pistons a bit and with a retuned calibration for the engine
You get five more horsepower
So a little disappointing and that they didn't change the horsepower and that you know a 2007 type r AR in japan was making
320 horsepower and eleven years later
We're making 310 horsepower torque is unchanged 290 pound feet the torque curve
however has improved on the lower range so from
2000 to 3000 RPM they have improved it a bit
And they've also changed out the third gear ratio so four point five percent more aggressive third gear ratio
so in combination with slightly more power slightly more
To work on the low end you know you and perhaps feel a difference
It feels quick honestly, and I'm going uphill and it feels like a good responsive engine. I'm keeping in the sweet spot about 4000 here
There's definitely turbo lag as is associated with this engine from 2004 essentially you know changes have been made to it
But the engine does date back a good ways one of the things
I really like about this is the steering wheel itself I wouldn't say I necessarily feel a huge difference in
Steering feel versus the standard STI, but the steering wheel itself is super nice. It's got a nice comfort to it
It's not leather wrapped. It's got this suede
Alcantara wrap to it which feels wonderful
Nice amount of like squishiness to it. That's the world
I'm going to use to describe, but I do really like the steering wheel so what are their changes have been made to the car
Versus the base STI well, it's got a carbon-fiber roof that has pulled out eight pounds of weight
And it has lowered the center of gravity just pulling out the roof has lowered the center of gravity two millimeters
They've got new wheels so now it's on 19-inch wheels
versus the 18s
They pulled out weight in several different areas
They say the total weight difference between this and a base STI with Recaros is
68 pounds so a decent amount of weight that they have been able to pull out of it 68 pounds lighter than the base
STI with Recaro seats so how does it feel driving?
Good actually it feels it feels quite good. It's there's a little lightness to the steering feel
Not you know
I was just driving the BRZ TS and I feel like the steering feedback and feel on that car is superior to this
But you know it does what you want it to do as far as the steering is concerned
I'd just say that the feedback isn't quite there, and it's a bit light
versus the BRC
Ts it communicates a bit more with you
Throttle pedal you do have turbo lag
If you keep it up in these higher rpms and part of the fact that they change that gear ratio helps you do that
With third gear keeping it an aggressive third gear ratio
So keeping it above 4000. Yeah, you still have turbo lag
I mean
it's certainly there so and this is an engine that wants to be in high rpm to make power and

Unfortunately if you're below that the boost threshold is pretty high, but they have changed it a bit by changing that torque curve
To you know allow for those lower rpm that lower rpm torque to be there so from 2,000 to 3,000 rpm
They have improved the map a bit so I think that's probably a more important story than the fact that they've added five horsepower
Now what's the challenge with this vehicle?
Well the challenge is that they're charging 50 thousand dollars for it, so you know a base STI is
$36,000 this is
49,000 without destination and with destination it's very close to
$50,000 that's a lot of money
So you get new wheels you get a new suspension
It's got Bilstein dampers all around you've got a new engine tuned stronger piston so you can stand on the track all day
New intake new exhaust there are a lot of changes carbon fibre roof, but is it
$14,000 worth of changes is that improvement there?
I don't think it is it has more down force that has vents in the rear for the rear
wheels, which actually are functional they help reduce lift and drag this actually has a
1.4. Percent lower drag coefficient versus the base STI which is interesting because you know they've worked on improving the downforce so they have improved
It aerodynamically
The you know what are you paying for it and part of it like?
Realistically has to be said that you're paying for that type of a badge. There's only going to be 500 of these made
There's only going to be 500 of the BRZ ts
Made and so you know it's a limited edition
there are some people who really love these sti's I used to own one it was a
solid fun car
And and you're gonna pay a premium for that so there's a fifty thousand dollar price tag on a car that isn't gonna perform
Necessarily as a fifty thousand dollar price car should but it has some cool unique features to it that are exclusive to this
version of the STI that you don't get you know with the base STI
And you can't get otherwise so it is cool what they've done. It is an enjoyable car to drive
I'm gonna get some time to drive it a little bit later on the track and see how I like it there
One of the things I do want to say I have been driving the BRZ TS as well
And I think the biggest change there
Ts standing for tuned by STI the biggest noticeable change at least for me is the tire so they've gone from the primacy tires
Which are low grip, a lot of fun
In a BRZ because you can get the tail out
And they've switched over to michelin ps4s tires so the pilot sport fours
And those tires have so much more grip than the primacy tires. You can really thrash
BRZ now and not go over the limit of grip
Which is interesting,I think it's going to be cool on the track
I think for daily driving like, I would never recommend someone to get worse tires from a safety standpoint or performance standpoint
But the car is fun with tires that have not quite as much grip because it's a bit more tossable
It's a bit more playful
It is really cool with the ps4s tires though and having that additional grip
Turns it into a different car and it really would allow it for you know if you're gonna modify that current put more power into
It those ps4s tires are really gonna. Let you take advantage of it
So really enjoy driving the BRZ. I love the steering feel in it. I love the tire update
I think it's a wonderful car. You know the power isn't there like everyone wants it to be, but it's a fun
Really well behaved very good drivers car this STI is a bit updated. So if you like the current STI
It's not a huge difference. You've got a bit more low-end torque
And and five more horsepower a bit more aerodynamic. You can actually adjust the rear wing, but overall you know it's not
Leaps and miles ahead of what the current STI is it drives very similarly it feels very similarly
They do for 2018 they introduced six pot
Brakes on the front so six pot Brembos rather than four pot two pots still in the rear and so that is an update that
Goes for all sti's not just this one so a lot of exclusive stuff just for the Type RA
But as far as the brakes up front they upgraded that
For both the regular STI and the type alright the type RA does get drilled rotors
Where I don't believe the 2018 does so specific to this vehicle drilled rotors?
And those upgraded great upgraded brakes, so you know some minor changes, but a lot of changes overall
And it does you know kind of add to a more fun feel and a more exclusive feel certainly with this car
So thank you guys for watching if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below
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2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA Review - The $50,000 STI

194 Folder Collection
蕭世享 published on December 11, 2018
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