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big luxury SUVs are essentially giant
land gaps but sometimes it's the little
practicalities that separate the useful
ones from the rest
mercedes-benz cls-class has plenty of
just those now the GLS class replaces
the gl-class SUV essentially a refresh a
light refresh on that model three rows
of seats seven seats total no captains
chairs available in the second row but
check out how Mercedes facilitates
access to the third row here you just
press this button here on the second our
test car head restraints automatically
release downward and the seat powers
into this sort of tumbled forward
position back even if the front seats
are too far backwards they power
forwards to provide enough clearance and
when you put the seats back up a power
back to their original position
there's like four or five different
things that all had to happen in tandem
for this to work out and it's kind of
cool that they do just by you pressing
one button
speaking of that third row very very
roomy adults could sit back there
comfortably and lots of vents here
there's been up here up here in the
second row there's mint on the b-pillar
there's events in the back of the center
console essentially lots and lots of
airflow your kids if they're getting
sick it's not for lack of air probably
shouldn't have ordered them to fish the
little convenience has extended the back
if you need to convert from space for
people to space for cargo power-folding
receipts here now those are very common
in a lot of SUVs but most of them you
have to hold down the button while the
seat really slowly powers not so on the
GLS one-touch they go down very easily
here they also come back up with
one-touch you can even shut the tailgate
it all happens at the same time you
don't have to hold the buttons down
pretty cool
now both sides SUV can leave the captain
with some pretty big blind spots but
fortunately the GLS is second and third
row head restraints fold completely into
the seats
that's particularly uncommon for the
second row and a lot of 30 SUVs clears
out a nice view straight out the back
nice big rear window and usable second
and third row windows really clear up
good visibility as you're looking over
your shoulder here
finally a 360-degree camera system here
in our test car pretty well stitched
together images for sort of that bird's
eye view very good graphics and nice
dynamic markers one of the more useful
systems we've seen but like any app the
GLS class has a few weeks in it for
starters the side mirrors and
way too small another issue Mercedes
habit of gradual lag prone acceleration
is definitely alive and well here and
our test car suspension allows a lot of
body motion over a quick elevation
changes broken pavement stuff like that
finally it's really inexcusable that any
SUV that starts at close to seventy
thousand dollars would charge you extra
for real leather our test car here at
the fake stuff it's called mb text and
it's pretty obvious you didn't get
leather still this boat is both quiet
and capable with all the cargo and
towing credentials you'd expect for a
full-size SUV just watch the price all
those conveniences are nice but if you
go full steam ahead on options it could
put your budget in stormy seas thanks
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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 Review

155 Folder Collection
蕭世享 published on December 10, 2018
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