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Today I'm AT Trafalgar Square,
or I'm IN Trafalgar Square...
I'm ON Trafalgar Square?
Today we're doing prepositions.
Hello, Aly!
Oh god! It's you again!
What are you doing?
I'm eating breakfast.
Where are you eating breakfast?
Ok, fine. Ummm... I'm in home.
At home!
Oh, god damn it. I hate prepositions!
Look, can I just say "I'm home"?
Cool! Okay, with "AT"...
"I'm at home"?
"I'm at MY home"?
No! No! No! It's not necessary to say the possessive "MY" with "home."
So say "At MY HOUSE."
Go talk to Cartoon Aly. I'm done.
He's angry.
Hello, Cartoon Aly!
Where are you?
Where am I? I'm HERE!
And where is "HERE"?
I don't know. At the coffee shop.
Wait. IN the coffee shop?
Which one should I use? AT or IN?
Are you inside?
Then say IN the coffee shop!
Okay, but how about "AT the coffee shop?"
What?! Why?! What's the difference?!
IN means you're inside; AT means the general area of the place.
Inside, outside, doesn't matter.
So... okay.
Oh! So, okay. now I'm outside the coffee shop.
But I'm still AT the coffee shop, right?
Cartoon Aly understands prepositions!
So, here. Now I'm ON the coffee shop, right?
You're on top of the coffee shop, so "ON."
And which city?
I'm AT London!
But but it's London!
You said it doesn't matter if it's inside or outside.
It's the general area.
I'm AT london!
Well, yes, but...
not with cities, towns, or countries.
Why?! Why is English so weird!?
I'm sorry!
Okay, I think I get it now!
I'm not in the coffee shop, but I'm AT and also ON the coffee shop IN London, right?
Thank you.
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Not finished!
- More prepositions! -What? Where is this coming from? -Okay.
The gym
- At the gym, in the gym? - At and in.
-Well, both is fine. That's fine. Okay, next one.
I'm in the office, I'm at the office. You can use both.
-Right? -Yes!
Cool! Awesome! Next one, throw it at me!
-Party -Okay, I am in the party.
-At the party. -I'm AT the party, fine. Next one.
Something that you don't have, class.
- I'm at class. -Stupid man, IN class. - Okay, I'm IN class.
I'm in class, not I'm at class.
And I'm AT the party or I'm AT a party,
but I'm not IN a party. That sounds weird.
Lighting Round
The city
I'm in the city.
The market.
I'm at the market.
The beach
I'm at the beach or on the beach.
- AWWW look at the dog!! - Nope.
At the park or in the park.
Congratulations!! You learned all the prepositions.
Okay, so I'm AT Trafalgar Square,
but also I'm IN Trafalgar Square.
English is weird.
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Best Prepositions lesson! On / In / At

499 Folder Collection
michelle published on December 10, 2018
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