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Today, we have special
guest host Steve from Asian Boss

who is going to sit down
with 4 North Korean refugees

who escaped from the totalitarian
North and now reside in South Korea.

Not only are they going to try
American bbq for the first time,

but we'll also hear
about their stories

from their time living in the North,
where only the very privileged
can regularly eat meat.

Now, we didn't want to give
them anything less than the real deal,

so we found a highly qualified
pitmaster in Gus Flores.

Gus is originally from Guam and
runs Sweet Oak in Wonju, South Korea,

which is about an hour
and a half outside of Seoul.

He is a classically-trained chef
who has learned how to
barbecue from celebrity pitmasters

Harry Soo,
Myron Mixon
and also the late Konrad
Haskins of the bbq Institute of Texas.

If there's anyone on this
side of the world

who could give them a
taste of real American barbecue,

it would be Gus.
But don't just take
our word for it,

12 Bones from Asheville,
NC flew over for this video

and they had a few nice
things to say as well:

Listen, what Gus is doing
Would be very successful
in the United States.

We heard a lot of good
things about him

and he was even
more than we expected.

You can tell he knows
what he's doing,

he's takena lot of time to
learn all the nuances of bbq.

He's really passionate,
cares about what he's doing.

and the product that
he's putting out.

He's phenomenal.
You can just tell that
he and his wife both are

putting their heart into it.
I mean, some of the best
brisket I've ever had.

He's the real deal.
He's a top-notch guy,
no question

Korea is lucky to have
him, for sure.

Since we couldn't fly them
out to each region

to try all the different
styles of bbq,

the next best thing we could
do was to have them try

the best sauces from
the most respected regions.

So, after doing
some research,

we reached out to
several places

and asked them to come
on board for this project.

We have Gates from
Kansas City, Missouri

Rudy's from Texas
LawLers from Alabama
And 12 Bones from
Asheville, North Carolina.

Sorry Memphis,
we tried our best,
but no one was interested.

Now, let's get to the food.
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North Koreans Try American BBQ feat. Asian Boss

385 Folder Collection
jinst.mike published on December 9, 2018
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