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  • Okay, a little bit of a problem.

  • We went to the wrong airport.

  • And now we're all jumping in five different cabs

  • and rushing to Conan Town.

  • Be there soon.

  • Very nice to meet you.

  • It's an honor.

  • Honor.

  • Hi, how are you?

  • This is the Bill Nye of Japan.

  • Very good.

  • During the Bush to the Clinton.

  • Oh, Bush to Clinton.

  • Yes.

  • You know, in America, we eventually let go of the hand.

  • Eventually.

  • You can let go at any,

  • it's your call.

  • You have.

  • He has a vice-like grip, and he won't...

  • I'm the mayor?

  • Yes.

  • I have a sash for you.

  • You are now Miss Iowa.

  • Because I am mayor for the day,

  • I would like to make him Conan for the day.

  • It's a good fit.

  • Excuse me?

  • Yes, I want to cash this check.

  • Tell him it's for three trillion yen.

  • Yes, so I would like to cash this.

  • No, no.

  • No.

  • No.

  • I'll get you all.

  • I'll be back.

  • In a triumph of international cooperation,

  • the burgers came from Australia.

  • Courtesy of the Aussie Beef Guys.

  • That's all I can do in Japanese.

  • I traveled 6,000 miles to be here.

  • The mayor only traveled 25 meters.

  • We gather here today to agree that I am the real,

  • original Conan.

  • You have been worshiping a false god.

  • But I forgive you.

  • The mayor's hand is on my bottom.

  • (audience laughing)

  • And he's not moving it.

Okay, a little bit of a problem.

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Conan Visits Conan Town In Japan

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