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Legacy, Revolution and Touring
a play on those three words is exactly
how the Subaru Levorg got its name
Its not the best thing on the planet but its not that bad either
I mean we tried to come up with a name in the office
and well, we only came up with
Can you imagine around a Subaru Glutton?
Yeah, we can't either
Let's not get caught up in the name too much
and put our focus back on the car shall we?
The Levorg exterior styling is consistent
with Subaru's model line-up
Its got the swept back hawk eye headlamps
hexagonal grille
and a tail light configuration
We've also heard that Subaru has benchmarked Audi on their
S3 and S4 which is apparent
because if you take look at the silver side mirror
against the red paint, kinda reminds you of those Audi's
where it's really quite and wants to whisper
I wanna go fast
The interior is a mix of emotions
While these plastics over here aren't the greatest to the touch
there's still a lot to fall in love with inside the cabin such as
The sporty leather seats, the flat bottom steering wheel
tactile knobs, the accents on the dash, sunroof to boot
Oh, and my personal favorite
the blue stitching that can found all around the cabin
It really adds to this very Subaru sporty feel
As for the back
More than enough room for 3 Filipino adults
Here in the back, in place of air vents
there are 2 USB ports
which brings the grand total to 6 USB ports in total
which we figured should be enough
to jumpstart a nuclear submarine and aim it at…
The rear boasts a capacity of 522 liters with the seats up
or 8 48-Inch LED TV's stacked one on top of the other
I'm sorry Jacob, what?!
The air conditioning works quite well to cool off the front cabin
no problem there, plus the controls are fairly easy to operate
However as I did mention before, there are no vents in the rear
So during hot days
it'll most likely be that your fan speed will increase exponentially
The Levorg does have body roll
Yes, but it is like a bare minimum
Thanks largely to its low center of gravity and its famous boxer engine
Check this out
Let's do that again
There is a noticeable boost in engine performance
once you pass 2000 RPM and the CVT it just keeps going
However there are situations where, well it is a bit underpowered
such as during steep inclines or when the car is in full capacity
and the CVT too can be a bit daunting in heavy traffic
See, sometimes there is a lack of forward movement
or there is an excess of that kinda makes you jump on the brakes
more often than you normally would
As for handling, the steering is neither too heavy nor to light
its just right gives you the confidence you need
to take a corner on high speed or take those tight city turns
and as a bonus, the symmetrical all-wheel drive
gives you better traction in the wet
which you got to admit in the Philippines is a big plus
The Subaru Levorg comes in at 1,748,000 Philippine Pesos
The Mazda 6, more expensive by a Hundred thousand Pesos
which is probably the same numbers of crickets above me right now
Not much difference in price with all things considered but
you could argue that each car is aimed at a different market
for example the Mazda 6 is more plush, more lush, more refined
The Levorg, sportier, younger, edgier even
I mean sport seats, metal pedals
Don't get me wrong, it still has enough space for all the cargo
of your family. But, I see it more as a good car to take on a
long road trip with friends with enough space to carry
anything you need to throw a kickass party
Or, 8 48-Inch LED TV's stacked one on top of the other
How does that conversation even begin? Did Jacob enter at Abenson's and say
Boss, can i borrow 8 TV's?
Ah sir for what?
Just to test it on a car
Are you crazy?
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2017 Subaru Levorg GT-S - Behind the Wheel

115 Folder Collection
蕭世享 published on December 5, 2018
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