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An athlete can become instantly intimidating without having to say a word based on the
size of the arms sticking out of their uniform sleeve.
Today, I'm going to show you 2 of my best tips to get you bigger arms, athlete or not.
What's up, guys! Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX.com.
I mentioned it in the open. One of the most intimidating signs that a guy can bring to
the table, whether you're an athlete or you're not, is a bigger set of arms hanging out of
those short sleeves. Right?
So now, today, I figured what I would do is put together 2 of my best tips for you to
help you to quickly add some size to your arms.
In order to do that though, you have to obviously cover both parts here.
We got to cover the biceps. We got to cover the triceps. So what I wanted to give you
is sort of my best 1 tip if I had to give you 1 tip to help you to start doing that.
From a bicep standpoint, and we're talking about overall size, in order to get more size,
or more apparent size, you want to have that peak on top of the bicep.
Now, what is the peak? The peak is really coming from the long head of the bicep which
is again, the bicep 2 parts the short head, the long head...the long head which again,
I never do this, guys, I don't ever flex on here, but to illustrate what we're talking
about we have to.
Right so, up top here, the long head is the one that is going to be more on the outside
of the bicep here, and give that higher peak form. Same thing when viewed from the top.
Or, long head lateral side, short head down in here. So, if you want to train the long
head of the bicep to get more peak, then you're going to have to hit that during exercise.
How do we target that? We gotta get those arms into extension to start the exercise.
Because the long head attaches further up the shoulder than the short head does.
And by putting on more of a stretch, you're going to be able to do that. So, the longer
you can keep your arm behind your body, the more you're going to be able to target the
long head of the biceps.
So. What do we do, and how can we do that? Well, we want to make sure that we can do
this with an exercise we can actually lift some weight with.
So, yes, you can do Incline Dumbbell Curls.
But if there's a way you can add more weight, and therefore stress the biceps a little bit
more, more of a mass builder, then you want to put something on the bar and be able to
lift a little bit more.
So, what we do is we do basically like a bent over row curl. So, the keys to this are, again,
elbows behind the body.
So, you start off in a regular curl position, just like this, and you're going to kind of
drag it up the thighs. Fingers are hooked. Ok?
Bar is right in through the fingers here. I don't want to start curling too much or
feel like I'm rowing too much.
So, if I hook my fingers on the bar and I drag it up the thighs, you can see that the
first thing it's doing is positioning the elbows behind the body.
I'm not squeezing my mid back. I'm actually just trying to keep that completely quiet.
So, I'm coming into here, I want to get about level with my waist. Then I curl up and then
down. Ok?
Better used with a little bit of momentum so again a little heavier weight, a little
bit of momentum. So, I will demonstrate it now in real time.
Again, I'm curling up through here. Elbows will be behind the body, and then I'll try
to curl it up to the top to really work on the peaks. So, like this.
Drag it up. Curl it. Drag it up. Curl it.
Ok. In here, curl up. Again, it really works the top part, the peak of the biceps.
Alright, so we gotta move on to the other part of the arm, really, the meatier part
of the arms, the triceps.
Remember, two thirds of the size of the arm, give or take, and that's what we want to make
sure that we're not neglecting.
So, we hit the biceps, but for the triceps, again, you've got some preferential areas
that you can go after if you're looking for purely increasing the size as fast as you
For us, it's going to be the long head of the tricep.
Again, if you look at the tricep from behind, and you were to flex, you're looking at the
inside, meatier portion here of the tricep.
Ok? So, you've got in this area here, that's what you want to focus on.
How do you do that? It's actually pretty easy. We want to make sure that in order to get
the long head, again, it's one that attaches higher up on the shoulder this time from behind,
so we want to make sure we can put that on stretch.
So, any exercise where you have an opportunity to load up the tricep with heavier weights
and do so on stretch, it's going to be a great opportunity for you to hit that area of the
muscle. So, what do we do?
We've got a Nosebreaker/Skullcrusher type variation that we want to tweek even more.
Now you guys know that when I talk about this exercise, one thing that we want to do is
make sure that you never go completely vertical with the press
Because if you're completely vertical here when you're laying down, you're taking all
the stress off of the tricep. At the point that you're straight up over your chest, there's
no tension on the tricep.
So you want to finish with the arm back at least a little bit on stretch. But for this
exercise, to really amp it up, you want to make sure that you get a little extra stretch
by adding a bit of a pullover to it.
So, how's that look? You get down here. Ok. Then again, this is the finished position
regardless of whether you're doing the skullcrusher, whatever you want to call it, nosebreaker,
because THIS, there's no tension on the tricep.
I could sit here for days if I had to. But back here, not so much. So now when I said
we get an extra stretch we're down here. Then, let the arms actually stretch back a little
bit so in here, we can get a little momentum again. K?
Up to this position, and then up and extend. Down, reach back a little bit, pull, stop
it, and then use your triceps the rest of the way. Down slow here, reach back, pull
forward, stop it, and come up.
It's a real good exercise for targeting that area of the tricep.
So, there you have it. That's 2 exercises, 2 big tips. If I had to give out 2 tips, and
I had to use 2 things to really try to bring up the speed that I was seeing results in
my arms, especially now with summer around the corner, that's what I would do.
Guys, if you want to learn how to train like an Athlete, if you want, and I don't care,
again like I said in the open, if you have to step on the field in competition, or if
you're just looking to be a better version of yourself as a non-athlete, you still got
to learn how to train like an athlete if you want to look like one.
And I can tell you, most athletes, from Vernon Davis to Blake Griffin, the size of their
arms, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, those guys, instantly can intimidate just because of what
is hanging out of those uniform sleeves.
I'm gonna help you do the same.
Head over to AthleanX.com right now. Grab your 90-day Training Program. In the meantime,
make sure you leave a comment down below. Also leave your thumb's up if you like this
And we'll be back here again in 7 days. I'll see you guys then.
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How to Get Big Arms - MUCH FASTER!! (Triceps and Biceps)

32 Folder Collection
Haojie Wu published on December 4, 2018
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