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Somebody sing well
Can I just say
People come on and try to do what you've just done in their first 15 seconds
And normally when we looks at them it goes no, we're not doing that. Oh
You're a natural-born entertainer. Oh, thank you. Thank you, Robbie. What's your name? And where you're from?
My name is Ola and I represent the Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago now
My name is Ola and I came from the caribbean Trinidad and Tobago to be exact
I definitely love the UK and I learned another family here of the company upon dong since I was 15 years old
So England is very very close to me
We come to the X Factor UK the represent calypso music and soca music
We are beautiful things
I get soca music worldwide and blue ball and get it all day out there then to me The X Factor is the moon
If I got a yesterday from the judges is good to be up party in Trinidad and Tobago, you know, I mean
You're gonna lock down the streets
I've been singing 17 years now
yep, so music soca music dancehall so
Do you write your own stuff? I'll write my own stuff. Yeah, definitely. Well, let's see
Nope nope, no, no, no
That's the wrong tune
that's the
Wrong cherry, even your no is odd that was wrong
That was
You our
Superstar, he's got moves. You've got personality. You've got a great voice and you have the x-factor
You can't learn how to do that is a god-given gift
If only I had some of those moves are really a Jones bro some of them but not you know
Listen, they are to the utmost you absolutely killed it
I've not been sat on this panel that long but that is definitely the most fun I've had sat here
You know a lot of people come here and they shy away from this massive massive moment, but you really really grabbed it
Thank you for that. Oh
That this is exactly the kind of act I love finding on a show like this
We're gonna vote Robbie definitely a yes for me. I love you
I love you more. You were absolutely amazing. It's a yes from me hola you have
4500 yeses. Congratulations
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The X Factor UK 2018 Olatunji Yearwood Auditions Full Clip S15E02

26 Folder Collection
落雪紛飛 published on December 4, 2018
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