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Ke: I am mayoral candidate of Taipei...
Yao: ... Mother Ke
Wu: Life is short. Ah~ Let's drink! ♪ Ke: Kekeke Wen-zhe. Ke, ke, ke ... Ding: Ding Shou-zhong, Ding~ Ding~ Li: Eh~
Wu: Beautiful woman is in the east; Yellow River in the west~♫ Ke: Ke, zhe, ke ke ke, zhe... Ding: Ding~Ding~ Zhong zhong zhong zhong~
Wu: Please give me a drink, let's get drunk! ♫ Ke: Ke, zhe, ke ke ke, zhe... Yao: Mother Ke, Mother Ke, Mo~ ther~ Ke~ Ding: Ding~Ding~ Ding~Ding~ Li: Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!
Wu: Don't worry about your troubles. ♫ ♪ Ke: Ke, zhe, ke ke, zhe, ke ke ke ke ke. Yao: Mo~ ther~ Ke, Mother Ke, Mother Ke. Ding: Ding~Ding~ Zhong zhong zhong zhong zhong~ Li: Eh! Eh! Eh!
(applause) Wu: Thank you, thank god, thank earth.
Host: Five candidates, return to your seat please.
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NiceChord - acapella remix

113 Folder Collection
蘇子承 published on December 3, 2018
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