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  • I live Gaijin Style

  • Gaijin Style

  • Woke up in the morning with a wicked hangover

  • Got drunk again at HUB and found a last-ditch lover.

  • I hope she ain't pregnant, cause we didn't use a rubber

  • and she thinks my name is Danny Glover!

  • I teach english,son

  • used to have a job at Nova that was so much fun

  • making yen and going on dates, and fucking everyone

  • but then I knocked up two girls, and so I had to run

  • so I had to run!

  • Sometimes I model, when they need white guys

  • I'm so suteki, I'm ikemen.

  • And the girls here, they don't know better

  • I'll never leave (hey) , I'm here to stay(hey) !

  • And Japan is now mine with which to play!

  • Living Gaijin Style!

  • Gaijin Style

  • L, L, L Living Gaijin Style!

  • Gaijin Style

  • L, L, L Living Gaijin Style!

  • Hey! Desperate ladies!

  • L, L, L Living Gaijin Style!

  • Hey! Married ladies!

  • Left my country so I didn't have to see another whitey

  • But when it's time to pick up chicks I head right to Roppongi

  • I tell girls I'm a banker or I manage funds at Barclay

  • But I teach at Macdonald's nightly.

  • I don't speak Japanese

  • And when I'm riding on the trains, no one sits next to me.

  • So I'm loud and drunk and rude and I don't even care who sees.

  • I'm a rock star here but just a loser in my own country

  • in my own country

  • The girls all think that I look like Brad Pitt

  • my big ego (hey), my big ego(Hey)

  • I complain so much, why don't I go home?

  • But I cant!(hey) I love it here (hey)

  • If I can get a visa, I will stay (stay, stay stay)

  • Living Gaijin Style!

  • Gaijin Style

  • L-L-L- Living Gaijin Style!

  • Gaijin Style

  • L-L-L- Living Gaijin Style

  • Hey, single ladies

  • L-L-L- Living Gaijin Style

  • Hey, foolish ladies

  • L-L-L-

  • Need a wife, or someone to sponsor me

  • Baby baby, I will give you sex for free.

  • Got no life, but I ain't got no doubts

  • Baby baby, I'm a gaijin and that's what counts.

  • Living Gaijin Style

  • Hey, living the fantasy

  • L-L-L- Living Gaijin Style!

  • Hey, some one punch me

  • L-L-L-

  • Living Gaijin Style!

I live Gaijin Style

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A2 style living stay stay baby baby baby ego

Gaijin Style 外人スタイル (字幕あり) - Gangnam Style Parody

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    rinrino posted on 2013/10/11
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