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hey what's going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
today we're back on some PC building
simulator we took a little break from it
but now we're back well suit we've got
four missions here we paid our rent last
time all right
we already did these this is a weird guy
that we never got paid by and I still
don't know if I want to do it or not
this gonna needs a CPU upgrade and they
both do and the sky also needs RAM we
can't even do that
because the expiration date is the
current date so that's not gonna work
though we basically just got the same
mission back from them so what's the
point I'll take that we'll take of this
and we'll do both of these we're gonna
have to do one-day shipping for
everything though so if we're paying a
little extra we're gonna save a little
extra but I turn off our lights here it
just needs an upgrade which is nothing
really crazy let's unplug this pop that
and tell something something or other
same day which is gonna hurt the wallet
that should be there now I did just
realize that it's probably a better idea
to make sure I buy everything at the
same time but whatever
hopefully this works I don't know much
about the CPUs and motherboards a little
more of an understanding of like a
graphics card or something cool let's
get that cooler back on there what the
hell was that what we can rotate now huh
that's a weird all right it's not
expecting that to happen
cool I gotta run a benchmark which
reminds me I gotta plug in this thing
and I'll get back to you guys once
that's done all right our benchmark is
done this thing is done so you get it
out of here let's go get this guy now by
the way if you get here my fan in the
background I apologize but I need to do
something to keep this PC cool for now
because it's like 90 something degrees
outside today and it's not liking that
all right we got to get this man some
RAM he's already got a for somebody to
just add on motivator 4 gigabytes
interesting name for a ram we also have
to get this guy the same processor
pretty much
thank old me take a look again he's got
there was a three there I think this is
him telling we could just throw a nade
use the one yeah let's sue some money
let's order this stupid man feel weird
putting a used thing in somebody's
computer cuz like you know nobody wants
that we could do next day for this guy
to save some money I don't think he has
to get out of here yeah we got two days
for him Oh wants to do that some boot
everything down I feel let me get that
one out of here while we have to also
let me know if you want some new music
in this thing cuz I can put music in
here like this is the current like
in-game thing but I can add stuff from
my hard drive or like the internet I
can't do like legit stuff but I can do
like some free music or if you have
music that you make let me know in the
help link alright go to work and grab
this RAM throw it in the old machine
stall memory
you know what I forgot well actually we
could put the thing down I guess but
we'll throw this on no cooling this is
the sky is cooler I don't understand
this rotating thing I kind of do but
like it's a little weird
I've never seen one of these like put in
there any other way besides like facing
the window but that's like a different
style of cooler personally I like that
style more I don't like looking at this
giant metal thing box everything in
there and takes away from the nice
design work that you're doing or it up I
don't have to do any tests for this one
so we're good let's get this thing out
of here
- what other missions we have if we're
gonna do one a diagnosis gonna take a
little too long collect getting some
graphics cards I think that last thing
we got was a graphics card I don't
remember though pay attendant we're not
doing these those sound really annoying
I feel like I should learn how to do
those because you know it's a normal
thing but they're really annoying
alright let's get this one done and
we'll wrap it up oh wait do they finally
have NZXT cases that aren't that the
hyper beast or whatever this is my case
this is black instead of white the only
one how goofy that looks you get this
nice fan with the rainbow logo at least
they have the cool logo on the side but
it looks so goofy in there no it's just
me alright let's monitor his RAM here I
would still give you a little more
detail cuz there is like a vote
frequency or whatever that you got a
match when I beliefs need want a match
he's got the cheap one I'm good I didn't
want to drop a hundred dollars on a
stick of RAM like I say it's an eight
I'm stupid he's gonna get it out of here
so we're gonna do same-day
technically we get our way we're next
day but Oh feel like something's gonna
happen all right
said all he needed
there's a little checklist thing on the
side I was complaining about it one
video and now I want it back I want to
let go all right we just got to do a
benchmark again unfortunately all right
what am I looking for USB stick all
right I'll get back to you when this is
done our benchmark is done I'm not gonna
bother uninstalling anything and we're
just gonna yank this off the table
that's helped me get down around here my
email collect we made some decent money
today but uh yeah as I'm saying if you
have any music that you make and you
want me to like have it in this game or
like in my videos let me know in the
comments also if you want to see some
more of this on the channel and for me
to bring it back more frequently well
let me know as well and don't forget to
hit that subscribe button if you haven't
already so you get notified when I
upload new videos on Mondays Wednesdays
and Fridays thanks for watching guys see
y'all next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Ep. 19 - We're Back!

30 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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