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it was going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
today we're back on some PC building
simulator and we're gonna do a couple
missions here we already did this one so
let's get that out of here we'll hit up
the diagnose and we'll also do this guys
upgrade for some RAM or no it's a
replacement of RAM and graphics card so
we'll do that and let's see what he
needs we need to get him some RAM and we
need to get him a graphics card oh good
I think they took my advice that's
what's up last episode I was saying
something about how it was annoying that
you didn't know like the megahertz or
whatever of the RAM without taking it
out now we know that's what's up letters
numbers and the names going on here the
motivator and the Gator or something
like that honey what did we just read
that was a for right now all right
making moves now
we're gonna work around ant graphics oh
my god what is all this
Jesus I have to clear out my inventory I
hit the net so it's like probably a
month ago
now is this straight-up broken it's
straight-up broken let's go ahead and
throw that in this doohickey over here
man don't want any cables or anything
I've also added some music to the game
that's what you're hearing right now
I'll link that in the description for
what I've got some of it I made some of
it I'll link
this all linked and it's currently lying
I don't even know if I put my own music
in the list tonight that's going to but
I don't think I did we don't need a
benchmark so I don't know what I'm doing
I'm being stupid
all right well it stings ant put there
by the door let's grab this one now of
the frost two going on here on these
cables you have to try to turn it on and
see if it explodes it won't because
we're on a video game or maybe it will
because we're in a video game
oh Jesus Christ that's loud
diagnose and fix what
turned on
all right well I guess we're gonna have
to run this benchmark unfortunately or
is there software that tells us what's a
broken step away from that I'm gonna go
ahead and take this window off we're
gonna take a look and make sure
everything's moving correctly deaf fan
sounds awfully loud to me try to guess
it was that or it would be that that's
really a hidden arm Drive right there
that's a weird what's going on why is it
so loud I don't know what the problem is
we're not really having an issue there
was no crash while it was running so I
guess I'll take this fan off and we'll
see what happens with that I don't like
how loud it is and I feel like that
would be the issue you know what that
might have been the issue I might not
have a you know the taste crap let's
make sure this thing's actually
functioning looks fine
but and yeah that was it he just didn't
have a thermal based clutch move clutch
move I'm getting good at this stuff this
game is actually kind of teaching me
things when I first started out I would
have never guessed that fortunately I am
an idiot now I gotta run this benchmark
again why is it so loud
stop being so loud look terrible fan
throw that thing out all right our
benchmarks all done we're all done with
this computer here no and you know what
that might be why it's so loud we got
this one on the floor you had to making
a bunch of noise too I liked all this on
the way that big noise was so loud stop
spamming me processor graphics card and
cooler you know I can't hide from these
forever we'll take this one because he's
specifying that he wants RAM this guy
can take a hike with his deadlines and
whatnot won't take my time off this
thing and another diagnosing fix we got
you we know two grand though we probably
have to pay rent in a couple days yeah
it's coming up it's the utility bill
it's probably 300 bucks let's get out of
here go to work this one's probably
gonna be more annoying to me so we're
gonna do this one first power
on alright so he just says he wants RAM
and if he has no RAM to the point that
he is that he's requesting an upgrade to
four then that's most likely the issue
saying that there's phones with more RAM
than that gotta put this benchmark thing
on and earlier today I decided to treat
myself to some iRacing I've been eyeing
that game no pun intended for a long
time I never wanted to feel the
subscription deal of it but I managed to
get myself a three-month thing for like
five bucks or something like that
and I was enjoying it quite a bit so
maybe that's a game I'm gonna have to
start getting into which my wallet isn't
too happy about saying that you got to
buy every car get every track and it's a
monthly thing but that game is really
fun trying to like simracing and you
haven't tried that and you're probably
the only person left that hasn't tried
it besides me I recommend it it's
actually pretty good like I knew it was
good just cuz everybody plays it but I
didn't know it was that good and I'll
probably be uploading some of that onto
the channel all right he's gonna 41:34
he needs 4382 this Rams booty if you've
got a motherboard like this but you
rockin that booty Ram you need to get
your priorities straightened out
let's go ahead and not I don't want to
take it out I'm gonna grade I don't know
why I went to take it out let's put
those back I'm gonna buy him probably
three more sticks of this just to make
sure he gets something adequate it's got
that 21 33 this guy doesn't have a
deadline so we're gonna do three to five
put this down by the door we're gonna
take care of our deadline now rockin
that purple NZXT let's go ahead and fire
this on and I was thinking this game
would actually be really cool if they
did we have a broken graphics card if
they did a Steam Workshop kind of like I
know breakfast has when I've been
playing that lately I've been checking
out their workshop stuff but like car
mechanic simulator or something like
that I know they're gonna add custom
cases I believe I believe that's
something they've mentioned in like a
patch notes or something like that 1060
the art or EEG they've still got ten
days so we're gonna do a three to five
with that - all right we're saving money
this time all right I accidentally
skipped a one day too far but that
doesn't really matter because we're
still good as far as deadlines and all
and although we do have to pay our
utilities now which I'm not that worried
about actually we're making some decent
money check this out
there we go that is the fix
they put their dumb door back on alright
now this man's got some RAM coming his
away OpenNet I do like that motherboard
though I will say it is nice and then
I'm gonna have to worry about this dumb
score thing we're just going to be great
actually in the meantime we're gonna pay
this we save some money I thought that
was gonna be in the 300 sir
let's see how this one goes that we're
doing and then I'll decide if I want to
take any more of those benchmark things
okay this is why I hate these things
somehow we managed to get the same
number or at least similar number as
before and here's the same amount of RAM
or not the same amount of RAM but he has
four times the damn RAM than he had
before so I don't understand that's a
pretty good graphics card his processor
I assume is good that is a good process
of right there the RAM is what why is
the RAM bad now and he said his only
goal was to get over four gigs of RAM
see these benchmark things never make
any sense to me
it's always some weird stuff the numbers
are always low - I don't know why that
way so low it's weird I'm going to see
if I can get this thing to its proper
spec I'll get back to you guys with the
conclusion on whether or not we're going
to be able to do this or if I'm just
gonna take it and give it back because
to me the graphics cards fine hard
drives are probably okay I don't know if
those affect anything the processor is a
fine processor if you ask me our supply
is probably not gonna do anything and
the other thing is he's not even paying
us and that much money to do this like
his only request was four gigs of RAM we
covered that and we doubled that
actually I gave him eight we're still
not hitting the score and he's not even
giving us that much money to do this so
I don't understand
alright after basically multiplying the
RAM by a ridiculous amount still nothing
so that leads me to believe that it's
probably a graphics
hard thing but then it doesn't make
sense to me because this man is not
paying us graphics card money so I'm
going to never touch one of these
missions again because I'm telling you
they'd ever work out I don't know what
the deal is
makes no sense there's not much I can do
in here besides buy him an SSD
but even then I don't think that will
solve problems for us he's got a good
process so like I said cooler is not
gonna really do anything the graphics
card is fine he's got a plenty of
storage but it's not an SSD the power
supply doubt is going to affect anything
and he's got a ton of RAM now so I don't
know what the deal is go ahead and take
all this RAM back out keep it to myself
and then give it back
because there's not much I can do I
don't know though these missions are
like bad luck or something because they
never work out go ahead and get it out
of here and that's probably where we're
gonna wrap this one up guys don't know
why we can't figure out these stupid
benchmark things or I can't I'm not
blaming you if you have the answer let
me know let me know why I suck at those
I don't understand because I always like
upgrade to what I think they want and
then I operate more than that it still
doesn't do anything it like goes up by
like the smallest amount plus it costs
us a fortune so right there in that last
thing I probably spent $300 on RAM for
the 32 gigs he was basically paying us
enough to take him to the four that he
was doing and that didn't work so I
don't know I think they're just a waste
of money those missions and it's not
worth doing
anyways that's where we're gonna wrap
this up thanks for watching see y'all
next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Ep. 20 - Benchmarks are stupid...

14 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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