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hey what's going on everybody Red rhino
music here bringing you another video
this is the same pesky PC and that we've
been working on let me explain what was
going on so personally I hate this thing
I just kind of wanted out of here and
I've gotten a score kind of close and it
was not PSU related because I went back
thank you to those who you who commented
letting me know I put in the wrong one
like an idiot
there was actually a reason I put in the
wrong one and it's because it did not
allow us to put in anything else we have
to keep that stock I don't think we're
allowed to change his motherboard either
but what I have done was gone broke I
bought him another fighter a 1050 Ti
this one does a little better cuz it
draws power from the PSU and all that
and it works a little better and I just
bought him this extra Ram so now he has
32 gigabytes of RAM which I am just
trying to flood this thing with memory
because we can't get any better graphics
cards so basically I just have to bring
up the processing power all the way as
high as it can get because we can't do
anything else so we're gonna see if this
works now with 32 gigabytes of RAM that
is the best graphics card we can get
right now and at our level and if this
doesn't work we're gonna have to go on
to another PC until we can manage right
now we did skip a couple days or we did
skip a rent so I don't know what happens
if we do that I never paid it I don't
know and the reason the computer kept
crashing which I looked up was the game
doesn't like if he don't keep their RAM
stock in one slot so the second slot is
his one 8 gigabyte stick that we have
that came with his computer and I cannot
move that around it has to stay and
that's a lot if I move it to any other
slot to think it's Madden 4s
and that it's the cause I don't know if
that's a bug because it doesn't sound
normal to me but yeah I'm gonna I'm
gonna with this benchmark go so you guys
could see what it actually does it's
buggy I doesn't get good frames and
anything even in that one guys beastly
computer that we worked on that one time
I skipped it it was still awful but I
want to see I want to show you guys what
the score is so if you have any
information that I don't know you could
let me know right now I think his
processor is the best one we can buy at
the moment I think it's in yes he was
still low we need 2397 or something like
that and the CPUs for started off at 4
grand and the graphics core has stayed
basically the same and the graphics is
still the love thing I don't know how
switching from 24 gigs of ram to 32
didn't help the CPUs for at all but this
isn't cutting it and it's kind of
annoying and I cannot upgrade his power
supply I don't think we can do dual
graphics cards they did add that
functionality but I don't think weren't
allowed to do it we don't even have
another one to do anyway so unless you
guys have some tips for me besides the
only other thing I could think of it's
hard drive honestly but I think he has a
decent hard drive no it's very strange
if you guys have any ideas let me know
but we're gonna continue working on
another computer just because a were
struggling here as a business right we
need RAM for this man LeBron plays hard
drive that's very easy see I owe these
people money and I don't have it ok can
we go in debt I don't want to go in debt
because then we can't buy stuff all
right let's get this going recently I've
gotten pretty into watches which
probably seems a weird it's because the
watches are kind of like dead but
what is happening here what the hell is
this part whoa that works a weird all
right so we got to get him what was that
storage one terabyte bad a bad bad man
man all right we're gonna have to order
this because we need some money like
we're losing business here all right
that is in one of these cables but yeah
as I was saying I start getting into
watches just because might seem weird
but it's because I watch like everything
that I'm into kind of like I could say
I'm slightly into pcs like I'm more into
like the custom builds that people do
than actually gaming on one of these I
don't really do that I don't play on my
PC as my primary thing but I like that
the customization that people do and I
like how it's all like a bear and the
hardware and the mechanics of it I think
that's all cool and cars are the same
way and watches actually are the same
way now I'm kind of dumb and I didn't
know that there were like there was a
difference between mechanical watches
and like a quartz watch which is battery
powered versus like running off of
itself and I've just been watching
videos of watches like people that owned
them like reviewing them and stuff so I
picked myself up something nice I don't
know if any of you are into watches or
something like that I'd be down to do
like a thing you thing or whatever but
yeah I think watches and cars and PCs
and all of that like stuff is all very
similar what happens if we can't how
what that's gonna be an issue that won't
go away like we failed that day so now
it's just stuck there that's gonna be a
problem no we're just like throw it out
I guess wait we can quit jobs I didn't
even know there was a thing oh my god we
could delete these emails to all this is
alright let's see what this guy's got
going on see this guy's got a nice thing
going here
it's a nice motherboard Titan 4
gigabytes but yeah watches cars and pcs
are all very similar I think they're
kind of cool so pick myself up a watch
damn it
I'm always pick these things up was
everybody was the same PC case I just
remembered that that stupid auto
connector cable plugin thing is like
$1000 and off that dudes one crappy pc
we've gone so far from being able to buy
that we're gonna have to grind for a
while I'll probably do that off video
just soil you're not bored
alright finally we've been able to
complete a PC we have this one to get us
some money we're not gonna have enough
to pay rent for sure we're just short
our landlord sterna get angry
eight thousand gigabytes of storage
suppose all right let's get this man has
eight thousand gigabytes and then we're
gonna wrap this up first we gotta see
what Ellie's got 1 terabyte 500
gigabytes there's got three terabytes
basically and this so he needs a five
see what we even have as options we're
having a rough business here I think we
got a little in over our head but people
online have been saying not to do those
like upgrade missions that we're stuck
on people are saying those are like not
profitable like you have to drop more
money in then you actually like make so
we can't be doing all that now I may
have just seen an issue that we're gonna
have because yes we have an issue
this man's power supply is not strong
enough for what we got to do actually
all of this is not strong enough for
what we gotta do
well actually what was the math I just
did this is a one like I said get the
hell that in all right so three and hour
five we can afford one more but this one
doesn't have power alright so this is
where my PCs knowledge gets in the way
or my lack of PC knowledge I should say
I didn't pay attention to the fact that
power supplies have a limited amount of
spaces so I just trying to throw out
thousand hard drives in this thing and
it did not work so what I ended up
having to do was I went with I think
those are three threes I think that's
what I ended up doing that gave us
enough we went a little over but I was
just wanting to get a mission done this
gives us 400 bucks
so that will hopefully help us out a
little bit we still can't afford to pay
rent we're in a bad situation I'm going
to grind it out off thing just to get us
out of this damn pit that we're in but
at least we're getting somewhere
hopefully eventually we can fix this
weirdos PC that just does not want to
work but now I do know well actually
maybe I was throw it out at this point
yeah actually I don't know what's
stopping us from just selling all of his
parts that we got and just deleting his
thing that it's very possible so maybe
that's a thing I'm gonna wrap this up
here we've been in a rough patch with
these episodes but hopefully in the next
one we're back out and in the clear he
was it for this one guys thanks for
watching see y'all next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 6

9 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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