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I what's going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
today we're back on PC building sim got
our computer booted up with our missions
that we're gonna be doing for today
they're all seemed pretty simple ones to
replace a hard drive a graphics card and
then upgrade some RAM it's all
relatively simple we're go ahead and
accept those I assumed this guy already
has two cuz that's like of a minimum so
what we could do is just go and snag a
two let's go and skip to the next day so
we could get this stuff ready yeah see
we got to get it done there we also have
to pay our utility bill we're gonna be a
little bit late on em but it's whatever
it'll work get our RAM that's the
deadline one so let's take that I just
got done making some music for the first
time in a while haven't done that in
some time I do want to bring it back to
the channel cuz a long long that why did
I take that out why a long long time ago
I'm good I bought the right one that's
one long time ago that's what this
channel originally was hence the name oh
yeah look they have dual graphics cards
cool don't know why we have two of these
panels it's kind of weird but yeah
anyways this channel started out as a
music channel and I would like to bring
it back I just don't really know how to
get it done like I don't know how I
would go about it it would probably have
to be in like a livestream format and
even then it would kind of be weird I
have to think about it but eventually I
do want to bring that back if you have
any suggestions on how to do that and
let me know I don't expect you to know
but if for some reason you do get at me
alright there was strange cuz that
benchmark test is different than normal
like different stuff going on so I don't
know if they updated this game I didn't
have an update when I got on interesting
it also wasn't extremely laggy like
normal I also feel like my game is
running smoother was that what that
money why can i click on this cooler all
right no we have to do a graphics card a
hard drive then we got to pay some bills
let's go ahead and grab this didn't even
look at which one it is a hard drive I
do like these front like loaded hard
drives attendant nice make sure he only
has a one yeah and on my way oh god yes
- oh we got to figure out which ones
which trying to unplug these without
actually having to do work
alright now let's take a look at which
ones which but one twenty picked that up
should be pretty cheap
twenty bucks I like it will do next day
while we're buying stuff I'll take a
look at this graphics card on this other
computer let's put this functioning hard
drive back in week yeah the music I make
is kind of too boring to like do
something entertaining with like boring
really what it is it's not like party
music or anything I've played some of it
on channel also I have like a link to it
somewhere I think it's in the why am I'm
an idiot
this is what happens when I don't look
at what I'm doing and I talk too much
and 15 I wouldn't force that is a for
and I like the glow-in-the-dark sticky
notes trying to save some money on this
electricity bill though part of me
doesn't really care most of me doesn't
really care and put the front back on do
want that auto cable tool thing be
really nice I don't need you why am I
even trying to install something there's
nothing to do there
all right now for the hard drive
stand up Norwich No
I don't like how this thing does this I
like that it the hard drives are easy to
like access from the front but I don't
like how it's all the cables are just
like there it's kind of strange let's
get this door back on
see I thought I had an extra door but
then I realized they all just look the
same in this picture and were it up
wonder how bad it is that I just kind of
yanked these things off the table every
time we are not doing this I hate these
benchmark things we're not doing those
we've got some cases some motherboards
and eventually we get some better
graphics cards right now I think the
best we have is a 1050 as high as I mean
as far as numbers go alright these are
just to get RAM so we'll do these ones
for so he probably has two and ones
eight so he probably goes for yeah we'll
wait and see what they have it's the
lights even though I'm leaving the PC on
I think you're supposed to turn a PC off
- and now I'm walking into walls do at
the end or a week no why did I do that
I'm so stupid
oh no no way that's the same day of
course this thing only has two gigabytes
of RAM why am i closing that we're
opening it right so he needs three
sticks of RAM what does he bang 280
we're still making a profit I'm fine
with that memory with this door back all
right that guy is good we gotta get that
thing out of here real fast before I do
what I did the other day and like
continue on without collecting there you
go give me that money stop sending these
Intel fast all right what does this guy
need same thing just a different amount
of RAM all right yeah he's got a 2 as
well Murray
it's Oliver it's a damn bottom all right
we got to do next day for this guy
because he also has a deadline it was
just not as soon as that last dude yeah
see that's gonna put us there give me
throw that in there total this door back
on you don't run this benchmark and then
I'll get back to you guys and I'll
probably wrap this up after that all
right we have completed our thing here
collect this money I don't I missed that
that's not the one we did okay collect
that we now made it to a thousand
dollars rejecting this don't like you we
got another processor we're gonna pay
our bills cuz we're good people
I'll reject that all right so we've got
some missions for next time as for right
now we're gonna boot down turn off the
lights and that's it for this one if you
haven't already please subscribe so you
can get notified for when I upload new
videos on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays
and that's about it thanks for watching
see you next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 8

9 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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