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hey what's going on everybody red
rhino music here bringing you another
video they were back on PC building sim
it's currently a terrible storm outside
my house right now so I just want to get
this recorded before that takes out my
power which it definitely probably will
well we got two missions for us today
ones to replace some CPUs and graphics
cards and motherboard so these should be
basically easy and yeah we'll take both
of those somebody both it's both of them
have a deadline on them so we'll see
what happens nothing's better than
getting a phone call on your iPhone and
then having it go into your Mac while
you're listening to Spotify on it like
thank you for interrupting the spam call
this guy's going crazy out here with
these guys it's got a pimping computer
over here it just means it's gonna be a
lot more for us to remove lovely see if
I can get that good you know for two
graphics cards I feel like you should
have one more stick of RAM at least you
can't be rocking one duel graphics cards
now let's say Graham comes before dual
graphics cards in order this thing since
I know what it is
and decart thank you all right we'll put
this away won't get to work on this
other one and then we'll deal with the
shipping I really do like that CPU
cooler in this thing look I like to
design of the fan I don't like of the
cooler but I linked it fan it's very it
reminds me of I don't even know what
almost reminds me of fall out the little
soda things the cool brand in design
another Dooley wait how am I gonna know
which ones are which nah I don't I know
which ones are broken I guess I just
have to look at it once I check it up
it's gonna let me know orange one that's
a bunch of words to process for memory
when I have no idea what the hell it is
some gold in addition I believe it's
this thing no it's not it's definitely
not that
it's a 1970 of that he also needs a
processor he's got a rise in bone which
one at 1300 X you know you can probably
afford to do not next day shipping but
and screw the power I don't feel like
doing that so we're just gonna get
there's the one that needs replacing I
just hate that it like this happened a
while ago with snow every time it rains
here it just died lose power it makes no
sense and it's like my town my friend
lives like a little bit away like maybe
a block or two will crossed and where I
guess on the same circuits or whatever
so every time we just complain to each
other that we lose power in 12 seconds
and I was playing wrong alley with some
friends when I first went out today and
yeah we were just playing and I was like
oh it's starting to rain now and
literally ten seconds after I said that
my power went up which is pathetic I
don't understand how that's a thing like
we live in this century memory and it in
- I think and I think the game does get
mad if you put it in a long slide I
think you have to put it in what they
had in it whatever
a lot of plugs going on in here
where's my computer running so hard - I
guess it's cause of the hide in my room
I can't open the window he's and it's
gonna be thundering rain in the mic and
I know I don't want to hear that so I
assume you don't want to hear that
whether they always have purple fans in
the front
I think we're good you know everything
get out of here
well this has graphics card or whatever
back in
you get this one on top
yeah and the weird green one on the
bottom see I'll drive me crazy if I had
two different colored graphics cards
like that unfortunately I lost power in
the middle recording this song picking
up from where I left off so whatever I
was saying before yes and here we go Hey
so dumb yeah it's not even raining
outside anymore and I lost power I don't
understand how this happens every time
and in my heat turns on because you know
it's not 78 degrees outside right now
baffles me I'm sorry for all this noise
hopefully I hit the lottery or something
and can buy a new house in a place with
all right we're almost done anyway I'm
not gonna try to push my luck and do
another set of PCs or probably gonna
wrap it up after this one oh you know
what my favorite little thing in the
lock all right there we go
both of those are done let's go back to
the email thank you for all of that
money so that's appreciated we're not a
new processor and a new graphics card I
hate doing these stupid 3d mark things I
don't even want to do those or annoying
it's like such a thing you have to like
guess basically anyways we're gonna wrap
it up here I don't want to push my luck
with the power and anything like that
but uh yeah that's about it for this one
guys thanks for watching
see y'all next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 16 - Fighting Against Nature

11 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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