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and what's going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
today we're back on PC building
simulator this time I got a name right
we're gonna build or we're gonna work on
a couple and then we're gonna go to free
build afterwards and mess around in
there to see which one of these are
missions we did that
all right these are getting a little
more advanced it seems we'll get this
guy a hard drive too weird though cuz he
doesn't say like what he needs but uh
how much is a paying 200 bucks no way
you get him something crazy for that
give them two terabytes we need RAM for
this other dude which one did I click on
this one
isn't like I was to add a little more um
description in there so I don't know how
many slots he has or what whatever this
should be good
we might mean some software this guy
needs to deadline so we'll do their
first I think you just said he needs a
ram memory
see that's why I wished it was a little
more description because now he has
eight gigs of RAM but I bought eight so
I'm just gonna you know it might as well
just keep it alright we have to put the
door back on when I keep picking it up
the door and I don't really know what
this 3dmark thing is for this well you
know what that's the benchmark II I do
I'm being dumb all right like in the
other episode where we ran this
benchmark thing I'm just gonna like skip
because it takes way too long
alright so our benchmark is finally done
some reason it's like buggy where it
won't display the thing on the screen I
don't know what the deal is with that
this is early access though so I'm sure
it'll get fixed it's not like that bad
like it still worked I was worried that
I wasn't gonna actually work done why I
took that off here to go around oh I
hate this damn square this instruction
thing I really wish was transparent
there we go
good thing we didn't have to do some
like weird thing where we test it every
time because that would have been
annoying get out of my office we'll take
this one the next time I think we're
good all right welcome to free build
that we got ourselves an NZXT 340 elite
hyper beast unfortunately they don't the
regularly I wanted to build something
that looked like my computer which is
just this but white though that pink
like brace thing is crazy-looking let me
tell you owning this case it's first of
all it's beautiful
made my cheap PC look way better but uh
those windows when with the screws and
stuff where it just comes off instead of
like sliding out it's kind of
nerve-wracking like taking it off it's
also like impossible to do without
getting fingerprints on it all right
let's go with something that I would
kind of like in my own I'm a fan of this
like gigabyte thing with their weird
Eagle type bird thing I want you to
actually call it I also like these MSI
carbons though with the carbon fiber
it's going with this
mouth full that's a motherboard in there
it would be cool if they did like a
buying and selling aspect for free
building but then it wouldn't really be
free building well I guess I mean is
like one car I don't think that that
thing box that the fan what's annoying
but I mean like in car mechanic
simulator or whatever you could buy a
car and then sell it something if we
could like build this and then sell it
for money that would be pretty cool
well how common that is to buy like a
built PC like this normally they're all
like a brand stuff we're going overkill
out here now so that thread ripper in
there unfortunately I don't think we
still have a liquid cooling yet so I
would like to do some of that but I
don't think we can we also don't have
very many options for we get throw in
there would like something a little
thinner than that but it's just gonna
have to be like that until we get some
more stuff which shouldn't be too long
we'll go a little crazy but a 1200 watt
yeah we need we need RAM now
get some RGB stuff going on open these
up we're fully loading this thing we're
not saving money or anything because we
don't have any we're just going all out
I'm a little concerned cuz that barely
fits in there this Ram also looks
strange it's not the one I thought I
would be putting in those kind of go
with our colorway here I guess yeah
that's a problem this thing is way too
big today at least we're getting away
with it if it was real life obviously
would be a problem but this is a game
that looks pretty crazy actually my
graphics card
put the lock back in also forgot to do
this thing
get some storage excuse my heat turning
on it's a colder day like that in the
front I wish they had more hard drives
from us for us to pick from I'm gonna
faint well I would be a fan of the
all-white one in real life but not in
this case where we have a black case
what we got to do now go around storage
I want something crazy because four
terabytes would be awesome in real life
think we could just go ahead and put
this back on that is such a cool design
I did want a hyper beast or whatever the
things called I forgot already but I
wanted something neutral that would go
with my desk in real life so I just went
with what I had we don't throw some fans
in to keep it cool I'm not gonna do any
like RGB fans or anything because that
doesn't really matter in that situation
doesn't have a glass front it's just got
the side if you eventually want to get
some RGB stuff from my case in real life
because that would be cool let's connect
everything now oh I like that those
plugs are on the side - it's cool
feel like I'm missing something but I
guess we'll find out
I wish I could put a little Elgato
things down here that would be cool if
they added those into the game I like
install our USB drives so it can
actually boot and install our glass
right now let's customize this bone I
like that graphics card a lot it's
really cool alright let's go ahead into
this and then remove lighting
I wish the heat of a turn off so you
don't have to hear it I'm trying to I'll
try to cut it out
all right we've got to look around all
right so the motherboard is looking red
right now so what we're gonna do assume
this is all ramped okay I don't know why
that's so dark go ahead and switch this
now a little bit of something similar I
don't know what this red is all right I
figured out that the red is just a
little LED for the power switch which I
didn't know you could change I don't
know if I could do that in real life
though I do like what it is in real life
we missed one thing of RAM which is
unfortunate but what I think I want to
do is kind of like play that we're gonna
drag this I have to like click the thing
to get to where I want it we're gonna do
every other one am I suppose I should
just be doing this like this the
breathing thing is way too slow I know I
could change it but it's like annoying
so go ahead and make this like a mix
take a look at it I think that's pretty
cool I don't I'm kind of mad that the
RAM didn't do what I wanted I wanted to
be every other one was different but I
just went to each side and don't really
know why but uh yeah we built our first
thing here I try to go at the theme of
the PC which is mostly pink to red so I
did a little both wow they came out all
right anyways that's it for this one
guys thank you for watching if you like
this series hit that like button below
if you want to see more let me know in
the comments also let me know what you
want me to do in the next episode we
could just do all missions we could do
all free build or we could just do both
like this and if you're not already hit
that subscribe button below so you get
notified for when I upload new content
on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays
anyways thanks for watching see y'all
next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 4 - Trying Free Build

13 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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