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what's going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
today we're back on PC building sim we
left off we have this guy asked us to
build him an entire computer so we're
gonna take this job yep that's a shop
alright his only requirements are 16
gigs of ram and 500 gigs of storage
let's go ahead and grab that stuff first
so it is actually pretty cheap if that's
all he needs we're just getting him a
regular hard drive we're not doing
anything crazy
Ram will do and just get two eights it's
not as fashionable cuz they're not fully
loading it but uh money's fashionable
motherboards alright well let's let's
look at this stuff
we'll get him something good alright so
we have the 5 1500 X we need something
that goes with that and I gotta gonna
actually look at that see what
everything it is ok am for sure that was
pretty self-explanatory I just don't
know why anyway get him one of these he
and I like a Western 750 why don't we
got before frying I'm gonna do too well
it's promos graphics cards but he's not
asking for anything crazy so we could
just kind of do whatever alright look
Stella gear undo that save a little bit
of money on that he doesn't have any
like specific requests so I could just
kind of do whatever don't know why I
keep saying it but no it's true we don't
need anything crazy we'll probably just
going on NZXT cuz it's easy we're still
missing a graphics card this is where
it's gonna become a problem but like I
said in the last episode I'm alright
with dipping into our own pay just like
get this done now do you think the PC
case comes with the case fans like it
does in real life for you you think we
gotta buy one of those well even if we
have everything storage memory
motherboard CPU power case graphics card
besides the case cooling but I don't
know if we need that sure I could save
some money let's take a look ok
motherboards are kind of where they're
at but we don't need to necessarily go
with the AMD card to begin with well
let's actually switch that up where's
our motherboard that's gotta go to all
right BP you okay well the higher end
Intel stuff is more expensive what were
we spending a hundred even 110 save ten
bucks go at that things we need an Intel
board now we're spending a hundred
eighty five so let's go with something
you know now this is everything I think
all right we're over his price limit
let's skip to the next day get this
thing built and see how this goes
hopefully I didn't screw up probably did
it's how it works all right we have a
giant shipment of stuff in our case does
have fans in it at least one yeah I was
worried that they were gonna be weird
about it
so I know when I bought my case it came
with fans and I feel like they usually
come with fans
so we we technically didn't need those
but it's not that pricey of a thing all
right let's go ahead and open this whole
thing up like it's a shield thing down
here no I didn't want to click remove
hate that those are actually buttons at
the bottom too like I can't get this
angle there we go put in these things
one of you taught me what it was I
forgot already it's like some grounding
thing or something like that it's
because you can't have metal on metal I
don't know if you guys pay any attention
to like Red Dead Redemption or anything
but they announced or they revealed a
new trailer for it and it actually looks
pretty good I was a little skeptical
about that game but now I'm kind of
I will save all the wiring for last
although I doubt that something he'd do
in real life but what storing all these
broken graphics cards out here tools
I fix card Oh forgotten this crap any of
these do we need to remove I feel like
it's too all right
cooling we don't need these because we
have the PC case fans though I might
just throw another one in there since we
bought them yes Cory will throw these in
now is that everything I thinks it's
everything in there I feel like we're
missing something because we just don't
have an SSD sitting there in stall dust
filter panel let's go ahead and why is
this hard drive in here I hate it that
goes through that it bothers me so much
every PC we've built that goes right
through there I feel like it wouldn't
make any difference if we did that
before or after I wonder if they're
going to let us run like custom wires I
think we're kind of screwed if we don't
if we spend it over I feel like it's not
gonna let us do that which is going to
be an issue yeah I feel like that's
gonna be an issue so I'm gonna take out
this extra fan probably going to have to
buy a weirder graphics card
we can't really downgrade anything else
we're pretty much at the minimum I
didn't buy anything crazy really let's
see if it lets us just do the job like I
said I don't care if I spend over like
what's the difference how am I gonna
shave fifty five dollars out of this
thing we bought like of the lowest end
processor we could get tables see what
happens if we bought it maybe they'll
just like go away look I don't care if
we dip into our money a little bit like
kind of how it works I guess we're gonna
have the budget alright I think it's
just installing the operating system
onto it I wonder if we could get this
out of here
very email no only have to spend less
than 750 that's gonna be an issue
we bought the cheapest case the NZXT is
the cheapest case we can afford
I don't I go back when can I go back
graphics card would be getting we spent
165 we could shave that easily oh we
could just give him a dog of a graphics
card all right so we need to spend like
110 which is easy but we'd have to give
them like the worst graphics card there
is it sad that's a cart so I could take
a look I need to compare that I wish
there was a comparison thing right how
much is this one 9 dc1 can I go back so
there was a thing I don't want go even
more budget if he wants to be a budget
man something looks a little better in
my opinion
they forgot the same exact specs as far
as I can tell I don't drop that so I'm
going to take you out and I'm gonna sell
you stupid blocks it drives me crazy
it's just an extra step and annoying one
at that all right how do I sell graphics
cards so yep get out get out of my house
all right down boot this and turn off
the lights because we're extra budget
mode right now with this until we get
paid booter up turn on the lights my fix
card was a little cutesy pussy right
here sorta door on there mister one HDMI
again I don't see why I have to make it
boot again I guess just to make sure
it's not broken get the hell out of my
house to look the black top on that line
that's a white top it's weird alright
we're getting paid big money though I'm
pretty sure we're basically where we
were before not doing these score ones
this guy's saying he's giving us four
grand to install a harddrive let me read
this before we wrap this episode up
we're not building any more but I'll see
what the hell those guys talking about
alright it sounds a little bit like a
scam but you gotta take these chances
with a dumb harddrive what's a hard
drive ten bucks if anything we'll just
tell them piss off
farming simulator 17 I love that game
now let's start wanna I want to start
playing it on here but I'd rather just
wait for the new one that comes out soon
I'll do that next time but anyways I'm
gonna ramp this up here thanks for
see y'all next time pace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 12 - First Full Build

13 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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