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Hojo Tokimune leads the Japanese Civ in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.
He was one of the most transformative leaders in Japanese history.
Under his reign, Japan repelled the Mongol Empire's invasion and Zen Buddhism spread through the samurai class.
Japan's special ability is called Meiji Restoration.
This ability lets the Japanese create powerful and compact cities by giving them bonuses for districts built next to each other.
Hojo's forces take advantage of his Divine Wind ability.
Land units get an advantage fighting next to the coast, and naval units get a combat bonus in shallow water tiles.
Japan can build Samurai in addition to other military units.
These unique units don't lose combat strength when they take damage, making them hard-hitting until the end.
Samurai unlock by discovering the Military Tactics technology.
Japan also has the Electronics Factory.
This replaces the regular Factory in an Industrial Zone, and provides bonus production aswell as culture to nearbycities – not just its home city.
In Civilization VI, Japan's power comes from building densely-settled cities to benefit from adjacent districts.
Their strong coastal defenses make them ideal for settling islands and terrain other civs might find confining for growth or difficult to defend.
Samurai provide a powerful midgame option for conquest, should you need to buy yourself further space for expansion.
Follow the way of the warrior in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.
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167 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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