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  • Science drives your progress in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

  • Science is one of the major resources in Civilization.

  • It is used to unlock new technologies, which give your people new abilities and units.

  • The more science you produce, the faster those technologies unlock.

  • Initially, science is generated by your palace.

  • You can also get science from certain resources, natural wonders, and the Campus District.

  • Eurekas are boosts to specific technologies, and you can earn them through different things you do in the game.

  • You don't need a Eureka to complete a technology, but they can speed your scientific progress.

  • For example, settling a city on a coast automatically completes half of the sailing technology, which helps you improve sea resources.

  • Discovering another Civilization boosts Writing, which allows you to build the science-producing campus district.

  • The Campus District is the best way to generate science.

  • Build Campuses next to Mountains and Jungles to get the highest adjacency bonuses.

  • Libraries, Universities and Research Labs on your Campuses will further increase their science output, and allow you to assign your population to this tile.

  • Great Scientists are legendary people your civilization earns.

  • You can accumulate Great Scientist points each turn, through your campuses and social policies.

  • You will earn a Great Scientist after enough great scientist points are obtained, or you can patronize one with gold or faith.

  • Each Great Scientist has a unique and powerful effect.

  • Wonders can also help with science.

  • The Great Library boosts all Ancient and Classical Technologies, and Oxford University gives 2 random free technologies.

  • Certain policies and religious beliefs can help as well.

  • To Win a Science Victory, you'll need to be the first Civilization to establish a colony on Mars.

  • First, Research Rocketry.

  • This will allow you to build a Spaceport district and launch a satellite.

  • After that, researching Satellites will allow you to land a human on the moon.

  • The final step requires researching Robotics, Nuclear Fusion and Nanotechnology.

  • Sending a Mars Habitaion Module, Reactor, and Hydroponics component will complete the Mars Project and a Science Victory.

  • Be aware, these projects require tons of production, so try to build spaceports in cites with Industrial Zones.

  • Or you can always get help from a Great Scientist.

  • Will your civilization reach for the stars?

  • Master science in Sid Meiers' Civilization VI.

Science drives your progress in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

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CIVILIZATION VI - How to Generate Science

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