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  • Get Civilized with Culture in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

  • Culture is one of the major resources in Civilization.

  • Culture is used to unlock new Civics through the Civics Tree.

  • This provides you with new Governments, Social Policies, Cultural Buildings and Diplomatic advances.

  • The more culture you produce, the faster those civics unlock.

  • Initially culture is generated by your palace, and by building a monument.

  • You can also get culture from certain resources, natural wonders and the Theater District.

  • Inspirations are boosts to specific Civics, and you earn them through different things you do in the game.

  • You don't need an Inspiration to complete a civic, but they can speed your cultural progress.

  • For example, founding a Religion automatically completes half of the Theology Civic, which helps you generate Faith and build Temples.

  • Discovering City States boosts Political Philosophy, which allows you to change to your first new Governments.

  • A government is the way you rule your people.

  • Each one will have built in bonuses and allows you to customize it further through the policies unlocked by civics.

  • Military Policies focus on improving your forces by making units easier to build, cheaper to maintain, or more effective in certain situations.

  • Economic Policies mainly focus on improving how you generate and use resources.

  • Diplomatic policies focus on City State relations and Spies.

  • Finally, Wildcard Policies can be any policy from any other type, or special polices that generate Great People points.

  • Be aware that changing policies and governments are free on the turn when a new civic is unlocked, but will cost you gold on other turns.

  • The Theater District is the best way to generate Culture.

  • Build Theaters next to other Districts and Wonders to get the highest adjacency bonuses.

  • Amphitheaters, Museums and Broadcast Towers in your Theater district will further increase their Culture output, and allow you to assign your population to this tile.

  • Great Writers, Artists, and Musicians are all legendary people your civilization can earn.

  • These people produce great works, which you can place in great works slots in your theater district to generate culture and Tourism.

  • Archaeologists also produce great works in the form of artifacts.

  • You can trade Great Works with other civs as a diplomatic option.

  • You can even get a bonus if you display works of the same type from different artists in an Art museum, or Artifacts from the same era from different Civs in the Archaeological museum.

  • Tourism leads to the culture Victory in Civilization 6.

  • There are two types of Tourists, Domestic and Visiting.

  • Domestic Tourists are created from the total amount of Culture your Civilization has generated, and Visiting Tourists come from other Civs.

  • You win a culture victory when there are more Visiting Tourists to your Civ than any rival Civ has Tourists at home.

  • You will be able to attract visiting tourists to certain tiles, like Wonders, Theater Districts with Great Works, National Parks, and Seaside Resorts.

  • National Parks can be built with a Naturalist unit on a Natural Wonder, while Seaside Resorts can be built by Builders on a Coast tile with an Appeal of 4 or higher.

  • Certain other factors also affect tourism.

  • Tourists flock to Relics and Holy Cities but only if they share a religion with them, but this becomes less effective after their civ reaches the Enlightenment civic.

  • The Cristo Redentor Wonder gives more tourism for seaside resorts and makes your Relics and Holy Sites more effective after the Enlightenment.

  • Tourism for Art and Artifacts is doubled if the Heritage Tourism Policy is in place, and Music is tripled for the Satellite Broadcasts Policy.

  • Finally all Tourism is doubled once the Computers Technology has been researched.

  • Can your Civilization be the shining standard of sophistication?

  • Get Civilized with Sid Meiers' Civilization VI.

Get Civilized with Culture in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

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CIVILIZATION VI How to Generate Culture

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