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today, I am so excited, because
Activision has once again reached out to me
to test out their latest games
I think they did this by mistake. I think they sent it too early because I have
the New Call of Duty: World War 2
I was just checking my email randomly and there it was.
Erick Hirshberg: yo dawg. Love ur vidz. Here's a copy of da gaem. Eric! Thank you so much.
I really appreciate that you let me be the first exclusive and that you didn't give it to these other
peasant YouTubers like a Nadeshot or -fucking- because Eric knows I am the biggest Call of Duty fan ever.
Like I, I love Call of Duty ever since I was born. They haven't really showed much footage of the game
They just showed a trailer.
Get your heads down and keep moving!
Amazing. Erhm, they really showed the innovation here of ehh World War two. You know, I,
I'm sure he wasn't at all like EA made Battlefield World War 1 and they're like
(Pew Pew Pew!)
It's like -uhhh- they did the fucking Titan Fall game or whatever that got popular
And it finally looked like a decent contender -to ca- to Call of duty.
And call of Duty was like yeah
L-l-THAT, let's do that! t ss t
At this point. I am pretty sure that Ea and activision
They're just on the front of their seat being like come on. Come on. World war three. We need more footage
[we] need more content to make games out of
We clearly run out of all options. It's like The Simpsons, they've done it all
It's like Pewdiepie. They r-run out of ideas(laughter)
I mean, what could they possibly do that hasn't been done before they they cycle? I guess they restart now
You know we went through the space. Let's go back to world war one literally
We've just seen the trailer of the game and of course
Polygon is all about all of that shit call of duty
World war two checks all the diversity boxes, but it's still the story of a white man's war...
You want us to change what happened or am I missing-but you're not educated there was minorities. There was yes, maybe
But they didn't all fight together, okay females and males did not fight together as far as I know listen. I'm not a historian.
And also who gives a shit call of Duty's,world war 2's DIVERSITY is nothing more than marketing
How dare they what was the fucking pepsi commercial like what is all companies trying to do with diversity
Literally Hollywood in general. They're all just trying to get diversity and so people will stop complaining. Sorry
That's another video like they don't give a shit companies. Don't give a shit companies are evil
have we forgotten about this of course or whatever diversity they put in a
fucking hell. fucking dumbasses
Jesus Christ, you know I love cod 4,and I love Cod 5 but somewhere along the line. They just decided to
Stop makin games and as just start making ape shit fucking crazy crazy shit
But I guess you can only put that so far so now
Call of Duty
medieval edition,stone age Edition!!(yaaas)
Where's as far back as you can go?Like,what was the first war that had guns?
*Types loudly on keyboard like a real researcher*
You know I actually-that might be a cool Call of Duty wouldn't it? Yeah I-I take it back
I would play that shit look at that guy. He's having fun.All right,but enough rants, but enough tantrum
Let's just play the game. I'm so excited to finally be playing it
Also I have-I have another copy of the game. They said I could do a giveaway, so be sure to SMACK-SH that like button and
And share it everywhere, so people know the real Call of Duty, and there's a lot of fake fake ones out there
So really be sure you share and like so that people will find the real one
Which is this one, okay? None of that other fake ones.Here we go. Let's play. I'm excited.(RUBBING OF HANDSS)
They really took a bold bold turn or bold step with this one, so we play in Berlin
1942 it sort of looks like the Half-life engine, but I'm pretty sure
They really did a great job. Oh here we go-should I be on the allies or the Nazis I obviously
I'm not gonna be some fucking ally(OF COURSE POODS)
All right here. We go. I'm really glad they stay true to what the real story behind world war two was
fucking dinosaurs, okay everyone knows
There was fucking dinosaurs, and if you don't know then open your eyes people
All right, let's think we could get at some
[Quickscope] on this fucking go
nailed it
Fuck.Fuck. Oh Jimmy. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. GET HIM,GET HIM,GET HIM
Fuck. I was so close. I'll get him next time. As I go right there
Target neutralized [oh] no, oh
They got got our leader those sons of bitches
Fucking Nazi scum [all] right. I think I see my problem here. I'm playing as the wrong dinosaur
I needed this-as the one...whose faster
Come on Dinah Run
[you] got a flag danny boy [fuck]. They're bombing us ah son of a dino
HE ATE ME ALIVE-fuck im bad at this...
War is a bad thing and this game really displays that excellently
Help me. You ass-this is the worst game
That's right. Seee-it I've been out here hunting dinosaurs...FOR YEARS
QUIT-FUCK. fuck im down!
the graphics in the (laughing) honestly this might be the best call of duty game I have ever fucking played.
Fuck stop jumping you ass
AH stop leave me AH LEAVE ME THE FUCK ah shit cover me cover me get up
War never changes. I can't believe this is what my granddad went through just kidding he was swedish. [oh] [God] not again
I saved your life Stege
My God get up get up
Shit, I'm out. I'm out. I'm fucking out. I'm done. I'm so fucking done war [never] changes
N-AH SHIT...war never changes...
Stop stop move you fuck you fucking asshole
Die you dinosaur SCUMBAGS. Where'd he go? Where'd he go?
Fuck you
Get up get up, so steve. Where's steven. You fucking need it [I]?
I hear you you Nazi peice of shit. Thats fucking right.
dinosaurs will conquer
Oh you sneaky motherfucker-OH THAT SON OF A BITCH NOOOO
God damn
alright that's all that's all I'm allowed to show right now. I don't want to I don't want to upset anyone at activision
It's really interesting to [see] where they're going with this one a lot of surprises that didn't
initially show in the trailer if you think this wasn't real
Okay, because I know a lot of haters a lot of haters are not going to think aw. You're just playing another game felix
Well first of all look at all the likes and shut the fuck up second of all
I'm going to do a giveaway here because they also sent me in this box
they sent me the
first-ever version of this game
And I thought okay wouldn't it be nice wouldn't it be nice of me to give it to one of you guys
So I might if you want to win
[oh] my God the cover looks so good if you want to win this be sure to smash that like
Apply for an Amazon $100 gift and you could you could win this?
This this copy of this game, you could be owning a piece of history
Also, I want to thank everyone at activision for all your love and support
I love you guys, and [thank] you guys my fans. My bros. You guys are the best
Love you guys. Thank [you] and let's always
Which one is he gonna do? Which one-both of them.
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147 Folder Collection
wei published on December 2, 2018
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