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hey guys welcome back for another unboxing with popngames, today we are
going to be unboxing Touhou genso wanderer reloaded for the Nintendo
switch and the ps4. the front cover here shows various character artwork, we can
see that the game is rated T for teen and it's developed and or published by
NIS America. right moving on to the spines, red spine on the switch
continuation of the front cover art on the ps4 from the top we can see that
these are both y-fold copies. on to the backs seems we're gonna see the same
shots of gameplay or the same shots at least on both versions and it says the
ultimate touhou adventure begins keep your wits about you as you navigate
perilous dungeons and unleash powerful attacks against foes featuring the brave
touhou girls on their quest to save gensokyo or maybe it's genso probably
genso embark on a brand new
roguelike adventure that spans over 100 hours contains the original Touhou genso
wanderer adventure and all previously released DLC and as far as I
can see that is the same text as well on both versions. any way down to the play
modes on the ps4 its single-player DualShock 4 compatible and thirteen
eighty kilobyte minimum required and on the switch version single-player across
the board in docked tabletop and handheld mode it's also switch pro
controller compatible and requires basic reading ability. the game is rated t due
to blood fantasy violence mild language mild suggestive themes use of drugs and
alcohol alright let's go ahead and open these up
all right starting off here with the ps4 version open up we're gonna see the game
disc right there with the character on it and the title and that's all there
switch version now same thing game cartridge or card I should say on the
bottom right and nothing too important in the back alright guys that is going
to wrap up this unboxing of Touhou genso wanderer reloaded for the ps4 and the
Nintendo switch and as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames
for these unboxing videos and if you enjoyed this one you can let us know by
liking commenting and subscribing thanks for watching bye bye
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Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded (PS4/Switch) Unboxing!!

30 Folder Collection
wei published on December 2, 2018
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