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Hello everyone it's Crown!
Hehe! Today is Monday, but why Crown?
Well because Ray is under the weather today
I'm here to inform you guys he's sick
so the teaching video for this week
will be postponed to next week
This video is not only about that
but I'm also here to promote
this Saturday, 8/20, Ray and Crown
will attend YouToob
YouTube! Creator Day
So what is YouTube Creator Day?
Wow this name sounds so fancy
Basically we'll teach you some tips and methods
to help you become YouTubers, just like Ray and me
On Creator Day, the speakers include us and
酷酷兄弟KouKou Brothers, 阿神 and 阿謙
They're also top YouTubers in Taiwan
They even participated in VidCon US this year!
If you!
If you have 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers
just come to this activity!
We'll put out all the stops to pass down our
knowledge! experience! to you!
So what are you waiting for?
We'll put the registration link in the card above
and in the description down below
Go register now!
If you think you've been doing well on your channel
and you've had such good plans that
you think you don't need to come
I sincerely recommend you come to this activity
You can see Crown
Alright alright, you can also see Ray
Yep...Ray is extra
but mainly Crown
Okay okay okay, just stop talking already
And that is a wrap
thank you guys for watching as always
and we'll catch you guys on Saturday! Byeeeee!
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Ray Taking a Sick Leave + YouTube Creator Day Info

209 Folder Collection
ruby published on December 2, 2018
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