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Feeling lazy?
Extremely unmotivated and
you love snacking and can't stop?
And you still want to look and feel slim?
Here are my three best tips.
Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.
I'm sure all of you have thought about what a nice world this would be if
we can all look slim without having to exercise or diet.
Because personally I just really really hate dieting
and I just really hate exercising
and I hate feeling really guilty for
you know, eating all the yummy food I like to eat.
Yeah, and also because I have no self-control.
I just don't ever exercise or diet.
And yet, despite all of that
if you look at my Instagram page or something,
you will think that actually I am pretty slim?
And so today I'm gonna be teaching you guys how to have a killer body on the internet
with no dieting OR exercising required.
Remember to stay all the way till the end for an unexpected surprise!
#3 - Posing is an art.
I'm not really like a model or anything
but I do take a lot of photos for other people
and for myself as well.
So, I kind of have learnt a little bit of the best angles and little tricks here and there.
So if you guys learn all this tricks today
remember to always practise it and it will make a huge difference to your photography
and if you're a guy taking photo for your girlfriend, she'll be very very grateful to you.
One of my favourites is probably just the normal walking towards the camera.
If you put your leg out like this
more in front right, it will look like it's slimmer.
And remember when you are posing
try to keep your feet like straight.
Don't do this.
Or don't do like this.
So try and just keep it straight and it will look the longest that it possibly can.
A very popular Instagram pose is
they like to do side views like this also.
And, you can angle your feet out like that straight.
So that your body will be slimmer because it's the side view.
Or you can do a back view as well
where it's like you're walking away and looking back.
Sometimes you will have to take photos when you're sitting down.
And I'm gonna sort of give you guys some tips.
I think the most important tip of them all is to not cross your leg like that.
Because that would kind of force your muscle here to be pushed out by your other leg.
And it will kind of just look more fat.
So usually the trick that models would do would be to just cross their feet like that.
And just try to extend it as far as possible towards the camera.
And remember to always arc your back so that you have your little nice "S" shape thing
going on.
Obviously when we're sitting down, we're worried about our belly area will start buldging and stuff.
If i have a jacket, I would use it to tie a knot around my waist.
And then, tadah~ you cannot really see the fats anymore.
Okay, so if you don't have a jacket you can also kind of put your bag on your lap like this.
And just kind of really casually hold it so you cannot really see your waist anymore.
Try to sit like, slanted like that but like keep your legs more towards the camera.
So that it will be just
really like more slim and easier to edit that way.
And of course when you're sitting in a group right, kind of like make sure that
you're not sticking that close to your friends.
It's really hard to edit yourself skinnier because
the moment you make yourself skinnier, you'll make your friends fatter.
So do at least keep a little bit of space so that it's easier to just kind of edit yourself
later on.
Do not ever ever "kiap" your arms.
You will look very freaking fat.
Just kind of like make sure your arms are real lifted up.
For photography wise, there's probably two rules.
Don't tilt your camera, keep your camera as straight as possible.
Or even, like tilted upwards.
But never ever from the top down, tilt downwards like that.
Then you will look very stumpy.
And then tip number two is to always have as little leg space as possible.
And what that means is that you angle your camera lens such that it just almost cuts
off at your feet but not really.
Camera lenses are round right, so there will be distortion at the sides.
So you want your legs to be distorted by the camera naturally so that it will look like
it's elongated.
So, I'm gonna show you guys some examples of why it makes a huge difference.
This is an example of a bad photo. It will look like you are just shorter and not so
slim I guess?
So once we tilt it downwards, you can see a huge difference so let's just try that.
#2 - Photo editing is a life skill.
So i've talked about how I edit my face a few times before.
But today I'm gonna be talking about how to edit the body to make yourself look slimmer
or taller.
So, watch and learn!
I am just going to go to my Photoshop app.
Photoshop is one of my favourite apps because I feel like the liquify function is probably the best.
So let's just zoom in on my legs right now
and they look stumpy and fat.
Edit my fatty thighs in a little bit...
When taking photos, remember to try to at least have some gap in between your legs so
that they just kind of like will have some space for you to push in later.
However, I don't want to make this too skinny because I will be extending the length later on.
And if I do that then it becomes even skinnier.
So i will just kind of leave it to this amount of skinniness.
Okay so I'm done with the shape of the legs and now I'm moving on to my waist.
So, it's very easy this one to just photoshop it in.
And I usually try to make my shoulders a little bit broader.
Because they tend to be very narrow for my big head.
Okay, looking great!
Alright, now to make my face a bit skinnier as well.
Because from a lower angle your face will naturally just look a bit more fat.
Make the hair bigger.
When the hair bigger the face will look smaller.
We're done with the Photoshop part of things.
So we're using Mei Tu Xiu Xiu which is a China app.
And they have this really good function which is to elongate your legs.
Okay, I think it's under body shape.
So right now you can see there's two arrows.
So I'm just gonna select the area that is kind of the calve area, like that.
And just kind of pull it longer.
You can even make it shorter if you're ultra tall.
Okay, so as you can see it becomes a lot slimmer this way.
you can make it as tall as you want really.
Okay, so now I look ultra skinny.
Okay, wow! Now I look like a freaking super model~
This is after Photoshop and this is after Mei Tu.
I am gonna try and edit a sitting down picture as well.
This one, which is a pretty default photo.
I do wanna make the waist area smaller.
But if I push it in, maybe the hand will look a little bit weird, i don't know.
So, this one just try to take a smaller brush and try to push it in like that.
As usual, make my shoulders a little bit broader.
And my fatty arms smaller.
And the arms here also a little bit fat.
I think the arms are perfectly fine now.
The waist looks skinny as well.
And I'm also gonna push out my butt a little bit more
so that it's more like S-shaped you know~
Right now I'm going to my legs, shifting in my legs
So that I look skinnier.
Okay, trying to perfect it here. This is an art form.
Alright guys, I think I'm more or less done with the body shape.
Save to camera roll.
Right now I'm just gonna go into Mei Tu again.
Okay let's go under body shape again and...height.
Try to elongate the legs.
WOW~ You looking at that?
Looks damn skinny and long okay?
#1 - SVELTY is Life.
So as much as I love the previous two methods, they have their limits because
it's still important to look good in real life
so that you can look good in video and of course you do want people who see you in real
life not to be like
and in order to help me with that, i use SVELTY!
I was introduced to a Japanese diet and weight management supplement brand called SVELTY
awhile back.
And so far I've been really liking it.
Because their brand is all about promoting a holistic diet approach for the health conscious
and for foodies who don't want to reduce their food intake but yet don't want to gain so
much weight!
So, that is especially useful for people like me
because I can never resist any food.
Here I have some of their recommended supplements.
We have the SVELTY Pakkun Yeast which is a fat and carbohydrate blocker.
And then we have the SVELTY Black Ginger, which is supposed to boost your metabolism
and also enhance your body's natural fat burning ability.
And then we have our SVELTY Smart Bacteria here, which is supposed to improve your intestinal health.
And here we have our SVELTY Raw Enzyme and Yeast Premium which is supposed to improve
your digestive health.
My two favourites are the Pakkun Yeast and the Black Ginger.
The Pakkun Yeast actually contains a patented ingredient called "Liposan Ultra" that's supposed
to take effect immediately.
And it also binds three to five times more dietary fat than Chitosan.
If you're wondering what Chitosan is, it actually was a very popular Japanese dietary ingredient
in the past.
So now it's being improved and you don't need to wait two hours before Chitosan actually
takes effect.
Now you can actually take Pakkun Yeast right before your meal and it will work immediately.
And it also features herbal ingredients that will help reduce your body's absorption of
sugar and prevent fat accumulation.
You're supposed to eat it before your meals so that it will break down your carbohydrate
and sugar so that it will not be transformed into fats in your body
which ew, nobody wants.
There are actually many celebrities and actresses who use Pakkun Yeast and Fan Bing Bing is one of them.
So, a little interesting story is that Fan Bing Bing actually went to Japan and she bought
Pakkun Yeast by herself.
And she posted it on her Weibo so the next day Pakkun Yeast was just sold out everywhere.
The SVELTY Black Ginger is really interesting because it contains five black ingredients.
Black Ginger, and then we have Black Garlic
Black Onion, Black Pepper and also Black Vinegar.
It's supposed to improve your energy metabolism and production.
And enhance your body's ability to burn fat.
It's also supposed to improve blood circulation.
So if you're one of those people who always feel very cold around your hands or your feet
this product will actually really help you.
Both supplements actually help to promote healthy bowel movement and here's a tip!
They can actually be taken concurrently for better results because they both work differently.
So in each of these boxes, is actually a month's supply.
And I took out my Black Ginger one which I ate right before the shoot so that I will
have a little bit more energy today.
If you look at it, the little pills inside are actually really small and very easy to swallow.
And it looks like this.
For the Black Ginger, you are supposed to eat it once a day in the morning, before your
exercise to help your metabolism.
To perk you up I guess?
And I love it that the packaging is just very tiny as well so you can just put it into your
bag and bring it out with you.
I've been trying out SVELTY in Singapore and it has worked really well for me
but I think that the worst for a diet is probably when you're on holiday
because you're gonna be eating a lot.
So I am going to go to Fukuoka soon and I'll be bringing my SVELTY with me and I'll be
vlogging about my experience so
I'll bring you guys along.
I'm back from my Japan trip and I was taking SVELTY when I was there.
So here's my review.
I really like the SVELTY Black Ginger.
I can feel it really did help my metabolism.
I felt a bit more energised, it feels like my coffee replacement I would say.
And I just feel that it probably is burning more fats as I go along the day.
Somehow this trip was just really carb heavy so I was really glad to have my SVELTY with
me because I ate my Pakkun Yeast right before my meals
and it was like okay~ help to block some of the carbs you know?
And there was a lot of fats as well.
As you guys know, sometimes when you go overseas you tend to have constipation.
But this trip I had really smooth bowel movements?
(awkward laughter)
So, if you guys wanna try SVELTY, they are right now selling at all Guardians islandwide.
And I would suggest you hurry up and go get them because they are really selling out like
hotcakes in the Japanese and Hong Kong markets.
I went to Japan and I went to check it out and for real SVELTY was actually sold out there.
and for those outlets that I saw that still had SVELTY on the shelves, they were actually
pretty empty.
So, people were actually really really buying them!
If you guys do try out SVELTY, leave me a comment down below to let me know if it worked
out for you.
I've heard so many people say they lost weight from eating the supplement so I really hope
it works for you guys if you do try it out.
And of course, I hope you guys enjoyed watching the two other methods that I've shown you
which is
to take good photos, and also how to edit your body.
So you can look great online~
and good luck with that.
Thank you for watching my video and I'll see you guys next time!
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Top 3 Ways to Look and Feel Slim Online and in Real Life

188 Folder Collection
林俞均 published on November 30, 2018
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