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Let's Play: Total War: Rome II (Macedonia) - Ep. 2 and I got a massive sex and welcome back to Rome to you
last and what guildies sons of smack Diaz
and declare war on Ashley that expansionist
and they're aggressive actually damn little a reality reality LDM
I'm declare war to have new allies near two-week
rationally at war with tireless 0 and also that dense
know what journalists our state's
on these actions are under UN protection in exchange for his alright as some
predict downs the same as Am
in basalts back in the shillings
steps in peace treaties and defensive allies that's actually think these guys
a.m. storms coming people out never seem to like
was recovered or whatever the order in which we enforcement's take to the
can be determined by left clicking and dragging units into the
yet alright them so for some reason
strength an opposing forces
quite massive I have hop license they have a force min
everyone know that home where
from snot Ryan's but if you just charge a horse right into a god damn Speier
should be X you should expect to be fucked inflamed and body slimmers I have
no clue on
I have gallant rollers so
I should you this lingers very easily did
don't seem to have any walser on garrison army
what's that mean you have an army as well
all I can see is that some sun glint
arm Paris she'll
hours alright its bless them in the front
Park fun has the black man here
cuts last in here if DNS lingers
some runner else star develop
the balance of power bar tracks the relative strength of your force
against that if your enemy but to leave for unisom the hell
all the shit
all the rubble like negative sentiment
the shirts
to those nice abs you T-shirts
I'm I mean units or something on our
arm not only chip
stupid in charge me dial
that tends to happen in Rome to get in
rome total war games specifically the previous one
me through method of magnificent massive them
right victory points if you have to buy sell or
spots to capture an object is there something I guess
group they should be detected for good
stone circles when the shits building like England
make two billion years ago or a hidden units have been discovered
had hidden units went okay okay dear advancing
on these are horseman saw hot lights
wanna have 10 Russian here
Jan source
it or you're arm horseman now
Martin stay where you are general marching
marching and demons and general runs and
humans beings worst miss Louisa nationally and Noble
part and even be that stupid and charged me
and I think a little grease
national never seen that three so little late in
a total war game like it's always a massive 3 soco really nicely young
military is
K slow-motion I'll
I'll 30 charging at me as they are
okay so um as their guard more like I remember to risk our mods
wake in the be alert or something
I am generals man
get over here so in someone's dress a judgment or small defend them and
second and I can flank them
brightens thats slow more you should can zoom out
when I'm doing dislikes the fight
firearm zoom I can only guess and then
gets closer it screws it up and his
trampled first sampling
all trample is numb like archers and jets
right let's see what will happen from disentangle
yeah its lowest level shit
of my spears are coming Wade my recharging
to hell what
say SPR fell down this year old
that trying to flag me hello Mike
get over here shit
should I'm phalanx balanced
by everyone go for the Valentines from
to help devil for failings you
guy the sleet who can get a phalanx
second I don't you think the fellas arrest
do their bit lighter manner
general attack
I'm this is the mall up in a straight line with the hell
the see how this turns up dead I'll phalanx confess to feeling snow all all
look at that
Holly shit I
I have didn't have to slaughter going to lose a single men
I mean I didn't lose a single man
all the shed
it's a bad idea to charge it worse when I just a guard at Fallon is just in time
usually when you start a game fallin says I mean to tell the fans are already
set up
so much what the hell happened idler regrouping Royal Palm
the parents she'll Mariners
rights doing a I'm
way why the hell can't the phalanx these guys
wagged I'd
brings go general is under attack we should the marchers alright them
let's gets tackled
own this is so messy what the hell it
don't understand this you wind
me them and
have already attorneys Geithner to sing to dislike
Spearman down to skirmishers
fucks a scam rusher hosting a single these guys
Martin night
your parents ons not walking
some from your gas felons
more might get killed here
I'm german mom
I'm in a secure IT RF skirmishers try to
on the land media slingers are love you
third awesome thing about them is that when the charge
on Archer's just with her she'll have to face like
the fellas fellas for should
okay for felons one phalanx done for a guy that balance and I had killed
their use this isn't a felony the major building but someone has shifted some
me months in your position
and is that all archers for the hell doll
cinema order my endorsement attacked them
arm already standing you want to help
fun I love the slum will feature
yeah can't seem to do shift
at the fight I can I move through here I guess again
%um yeah I wanna see if I can to buildings you couldn't do that in the
previous round game
um the honest do jack in the previous army
hell are you doing here
whatever attorneys nice I'll was the only charge
serve their running or dare
walking up there on it come on that's it me painful
holy shit I'll
me look and that's the picketing fuckin slotted look at that already
don't have them dead not a single horseman fell
their routing oh my god that's awesome that's actually check up on
my man and
let's check the strategically up Ziskin
view this message it went I didn't know about that am
my son dimension well I heard him mention a
it on their trailer but hand have not what the hell is that
song not sure how do I use it
flanges now on our systems countries there
another tribesmen I really want to the
already have Spears just
crap a month get them on their of car come on
Spearman ready orders
criminal charge from original write them
gone what now go to room two houses
well I guess didn't fix wanting days the candle to the house its
we need a few more years of technology before we could do that
god damnit
glasses my companions with balance phalanx
you the balance about for the Study of labor obviously a half ounce
know they really want to change that camera settings
on game settings sis
now than twice fucking not for a while battle inferred
interface flag scale when on
have no clue 0 wear down
controls now
0 stand Cameron
a missile for a classical or camera
this year Mike
lamisil snow
up this year as a little bit better forum
foreseen that is unless is dead awesome
yes this is a special flag or something debt
idk why the hell aren't you for your felons was a balance staff cheering and
kill them
crazies feel dumb for god sakes
sleaze ready this is quite the shooting ellen Johnson
at Sandown because
like in the once the slaves on my once more growth and shit
another completely dominated them 11 23 oh my god they had more men than I did
it's not %ah lady had like a min well-liked
three bars units I i did see the end means looking at the flight doesn't
they have more you is knighted in the I actually killed a few of my own man
and look at Atlanta IQ a little bit the mailman
let's kill 10 percent total deaths of
my bad and John source from and rice
let's see whether the actions raise now the mother is sitting on
keep it arm subjugate money gained the vending and cultural background the
fashion now well the computer appliance eight or I'm
are kept in zones lame loot
knows go for occupying
Europe gertrudis early in the game I want to keep occupying cities and keep
getting more slaves
arm I don't want to raise any city in me know how a massive
city called dealing with that in this epic city and look at this sale
fucking forecasts and by the looks and the forces continue crafts
on now and adviser sell a steel
go for Tao
an embarrassing right here demo for Taylor
and 0
it goodnight good to hear on her mother's area
you can actually go to these forests but on this incident are here
you go to Europe for example cell ambushes and asians are collecting yes
ready get to it man om
said mom my eyes her skin gray
but will life there whatever lets
let's check out TF known as attaches them just check it out
litigated after they get down
didn't have going for my the so-called
Alyce me in a TNT and they are gonna
kill deliver recent number thirty that paresis
and the Spartans bill 0
by the movie 300 its quality or quantity
I I'm guessing historically the romance
lot historically but by my their own one experiences
all romance will just charge a Bologna so I might want to know
defend that or killing at your sins that you then yes I'll
you could work on finding from Rome's arm
specially explorers dull Coast a little bit
I'll see what's in the Black Sea harm consider some cities here but
they're like you could
we also have the console cheating consul
I miss you now homie said
earns seized at show this again
and the did everything go for battle for their
replenishing the unit's actions only then year US
while annealing because
multi just forget my men like killing hundreds of their men so
yes ma'am and no pimp
okay gore more
now I am many actually making their
mystic or the sates studies us
so the %ah also introduced a little um city management
toolbar so no it's not just once it is now a region
and I region as you can see if I could click on
the city it shows the region and who controls them
so I control got now is a different region since the different region
from this is the region and Emma Stone region
cell the city's and dad and mind
bela on pull week diva tell -27
does that mean does that means the mice mice and men
5 his cousins taxes are summed
good stats
I'm week but records action is on his side and I faction
I wouldn't be surprised because they're million fricken fashions your
like a month good the next turn right now actually resident in solemn
Wed skills cost missiles cost miss
good is gonna cost months that's
and details of emblem
sectors and led
own changes will up melting
awesome when the furnace
I'm general details
on small skills
judgment as cocaine and skills CR
a tortilla cunning and
commander more tortilla
up yeah does this mean that they have to pay more for him
of yeah I guess at that means it's
goal for next to me leveraging building 19 year because a condom
once more money dole actually make
technologies still going for Arsenal
sell something simple technologies hasn't earned
to get out look at home many freaking said
suppressant and that wouldn't that mean still look at that
these are just the main ones not 0
of who he shifted okay I counted the fricken hundreds
my mind in campus like
seems like a and Dyer 100 and
his thought stopping here well we should
brought us of
yes the main lines of slums
we've got the message assault on land and then once
and phelan also if you don't work on the city there will be like
slums or something cool dealer but I think I did work on them
popular Paul yes for for the line
pronouncing it right I'm likes
re went three to four percent mean up
last months this is like sweets the after-school experts I'm
thus maybe make online suite missing nothing friendly with you nice
let's %um I would the two or what on
spark to his meat it hits me sheik
up with the who hates me in the least let's see
tireless am NOT a canard do you condemn
your honor
at Dance -21
could dampen not
mark total fifty 8 all the crap
in honors does just negatives
yam what we're gonna I'm in
gallantry let's let's trade which 0
where not in San use license some send them
%uh be welcome 0 if I can give you a fair answer
you will have it alright on offer demanded
0 said an offer an on-demand
I'm 0 trade agreement this option misled as to break a chubby mints
show I know its trade agreement is a bitch as agreement
project value want is fine for me I am drinks
and thinking payments non-aggressive backed
after the agreement a specially in rise against the purists
shall we let's join more now
we and military axis make line sting it down
non-aggression pact action instant
I that's a another shut up I know and I'm rushing back means
likelihood of success high on this issue or something
now as do that
totally new community acceptance on the fringes been opened between
you all we're now analyzing data show up
you know how I some we have a smiley face yet no sign of my life is like a
the fuck is dis should face whenever an entree with them
um what else they trade went beat
Kenya that a good one Sunday sustern
a good one not content with them for and
sinus yes again ten 10 months a statement on
answer friend and speak presidentially have much left
fuck you friend well
I struggle to see course could dickey sooo
now it's actually seriously get some friends at
this game /a has a really tough armored
Alliance are diplomacy system if you like make friends with someone in March
their lands just
kill them nixon trustable and no one will train with you and shit
0 now want to kill appearance and tie less
so and the nationally make out now there ha style
their friendly actually appears a friendly with the hell
0 with such as i three with a pure such that it would
I tense
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Let's Play: Total War: Rome II (Macedon) - Ep. 2

47 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on November 30, 2018
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