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I'm only going to give you my interpretation
of addiction.
I would say, addiction is
that you tempt to repeat.
And if you hear a word
which means forbidden,
you might get hurt or killed or die,
if you enter certain place.
So, that word
may cause people
to stay away from certain things.
They could be addicted
to stay away from certain things.
Do you understand that?
So, if you find yourself,
I don't know if you ever did,
singing commercials
(not clear)
If you hear if often enough
you will sing it.
And you don't even know you're singing it.
Music is also addictive
First of all, I want you to know,
that addiction could be anything.
It could be
addicted to smelling flowers.
If you see flowers, you can't help it but sniff.
That could be an addiction
if you do it often enough.
If the association becomes
often enough,
or frequently used.
I would say the person automatically
don't even know they're addicted
but they sniff.
If they've been doing it often enough.
There are men who smell flowers
once a year.
So they're not addicted to lean forward
and smell it.
Now, how do you change addiction?
First way to change it
is not to become
THAT addicted to anything.
Meaning.. Don't keep
listening to music, if you do
you're gonna be humming it
whether you like it or not.
or you'll be making any noise
that's asociated
with pleasantry, to you.
How do you break addiction again?
Long term addiction,
when the body
is automatically responding to it.
Or you feel you can't live
without it.
Or you feel you can't live
without a certain person.
There are people that take their lives
when their wife or best friend dies
because they can't live
without them.
That's becoming addicted to a person.
If you can't live without the person.
The more friends you have,
the easier
it is to live
without a certain person.
But if you live with one person
all your life, you never go anywhere.
And they're killed
or missing or kidnapped
then you'll live in pain.
But if you have many associations,
many people that you know,
that you like, that are pleasant.
You're less UP TO
become THAT addicted
to any one person.
So, to avoid addiction
avoid superdependency.
And also,
if all your problems are solved:
If you got a mother, that put
your shoes on in the morning
and feed you
with the plate with the spoon,
until you're 7 years old,
or 10 years old,
you become addicted.
You take a book and you read,
you open your mouth, and your mother brings
the food over, you become addicted
to that performance.
It's very difficult for you
to break that if it occured
over long period of time
So, in order to break addiciton
don't go getting involved in repetition
too long a period of time
Now, if a person is already addicted
you have to expose them
to other things
so that the other things become
more important to them.
And so the more things
you're exposed to
the less probable your addiction.
Also, the less
you're exposed to. Do you understand that?
It's easier.
But if it's long term, it's harder,
because the associative system
is almost like
uncontrolable urge to do something.
So what I say
about addiction is try to
avoid repetition
of words that have very little meaning,
and try to avoid
of unhealthy dependency.
Do you know what that means?
You smoke cigars,
and you're in an environment,
where everybody smokes cigars,
it's very hard to break that habit.
But when you first get there, you just say
"I'm addicted, I become
hurt physically, I cough."
You have to give them the reason
for walking out, otherwise
they resent you walking out.
Just say: "I have an alergy
against that."
Instead of saying, "Hey! I don't like you guys smoking."
That's an attack,
that's received as an attack.
So it depends on how you put it.
Again, I repeat,
in order to avoid addiction:
Stay away from long-continued practice
and exposure to any one system.
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Addiction Jacque Fresco

256 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on November 29, 2018
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