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  • Hi guys!!

  • Sorry for my absence. I'm back!!!

  • I've finished my work, the heatwave has passed, so..

  • I thought I'd come in to central London and show you some of the popular sites.

  • So....

  • Right now I'm walking along "Whitehall", Which is the road that connects to......

  • "Downing Street"

  • Location of the official residence and office of the Prime Minister.

  • We can't actually go to "Number 10" because the street is guarded..

  • but as you can see, one of the guards is standing in front of the gates.

  • He's actually awaiting the very important delivery..

  • ..of the Prime Minister's pizza.

  • and he looks impatient, so it must be late.

  • I expect they're hoping for a discount.

  • The River Thames is actually 36% tea.

  • Up until the 1960's Londoners used to wash their teapots here..

  • ..coating the riverbed with tea-leaves.

  • This is the "London Eye"

  • It's called that because before the days of CCTV,..

  • was used by the police to watch the streets of London for crime.

  • The famous Elizabeth Tower.

  • More commonly known as Big Ben

  • which is actually the name of the great bell inside that strikes the hour.

  • But more importantly...

  • as many of you know this is also the location of...

  • The Internet.

  • It sits right there at the top, to give the best reception.

  • There's one of the new style London buses.

  • Designed by the award winning designer, and bounty hunter...

  • Boba Fett.

  • For a brief period, London was once known as "Brit-Cit".

  • The former "Judge's" headquarters are still in use today.

  • So of course, this is "Buckingham Palace".

  • Very popular site at the moment now there's a new prince in town.

  • The whole family is in there right now.

  • Prince George is asleep...

  • and if you look at the upper right window..

  • it seems Will and Kate are relaxing with a dvd.

  • And by the sound of it, I believe they're watching Kate's favourite movie...

  • "From Dusk Till Dawn"

  • So that was a very quick look at some of the London sites.

  • I hope you found it interesting, and I hope you learnt something!

Hi guys!!

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Unknown Facts about London

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