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  • (lively instrumental music)

  • - [Narrator] This is the beginning of a kimono.

  • One of the world's most precious kimonos,

  • a thousand-year-old fashion statement

  • that all starts here in the mud on a unique tropical island.

  • This is the kimono world's dirty little secret.

  • This story starts in Ginza,

  • a neighborhood in Tokyo known for fashion,

  • and home to a famous kimono shop.

  • - [Narrator] In the 1700s, Japan invaded Amami Ōshima,

  • and everyone was forced to surrender

  • all of their silk kimonos to Japan's ruling class.

  • So, legend has it that the people of Amami Ōshima

  • hid their kimonos in the mud

  • and discovered that they were dyed a beautiful black color.

  • - [Narrator] Some say the heritage behind these kimonos

  • is just as sacred as the kimono itself.

  • (lively instrumental music)

(lively instrumental music)

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