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Yoyoyo what up my boy. Oh, I'm good boy. Ready to see this movie? Yes, sir
It wasn't me so oh
And I guess because I'm black
Another that's not I just want I just want let you I just just [be] clear tonight in that [we're] back
That's where that wasn't me, then who is it I?
Thought the thing is broken. Oh, the thing is broken. It's been a rose on me. Are you sure you're not use back
I wouldn't put that song on because you're in the car you ever heard of a racist
Just forget about it. Let's just pick Anwar up and let's go to the movies ok
Go go what I'm going oh
No, no, no no no really right
Yeah, you know I would say
But it's the racist friend that we had no older or [guy] [to] get a camera
Turn the radio off bro. Put the volume down
It's not my fault
you know what let's pick up Alex [lets] you pick up alex and go see the [thule]
What's a man going on guys, how are yo?
I'm not the one doing this will be how many years ever know about
[Lexicon] toys
You guys. Oh, you know everybody out everybody out of the car everybody get out. I'm Gonna prove this
I'm gonna prove this get out the mark all right. I'm not weird [can] [I] [come] [in] [quick]?
I'm gonna prove to you guys that it's not me Bach get in [I'll] go in go in alone
Told you I told you, alex get in [did] it is the radio?
amar get in
see?Lily get in ah
Yeah, all right. Just just put your hands in or something
Oh no
I think the racist radios broken guys. Oh, well [that] was great while it lasted huh great time. [oh] great like that
It was really fun
it was amazing than what a great time
[know] rude you're still racist
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Racist Radio | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi & King Bach

398 Folder Collection
罗鸣 published on November 20, 2018
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