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Hello everyone and welcome back to Pronunciation
with Emma. Today we're going to be looking

at the sounds /əʊ/ and /ɔː/. Now a lot
of my students get influenced by the spelling,

so this /əʊ/ sound appears quite a lot in
words where there should actually be an /ɔː/

sound. You'll see what I mean, I'll show you
some examples today, but firstly, let's have

a look at how we actually pronounce them.
So the first one is a diphthong, meaning that

it's basically two vowel sounds together in
the same syllable, and we transition from

one to the other. So we have /əʊ/ /əʊ/,
we're moving from an /ə/ so an /ʊ/ sound,

/əʊ/. The other one /ɔː/ is just one long
vowel sound, /ɔː/. Let's have a look at

some minimal pairs. So/Sew/Sow, saw. Boat,
bought. Now this is one that I talked about

earlier where many people are influenced by
the spelling, so that "ou" in "bought" is

not an /əʊ/, it's just one long vowel sound,
/ɔː/, bought, then just add that intonation,

bought. [listen to Emma] Now be careful with
that cause I do hear some students saying

"fok" and that sounds quite close to a bad
word in English, so make sure you get that

vowel length a little big longer. Fork. For
example, knife and fork, not knife and fok.

Low, law, again this is another one where
some people think "ah, there's a W in there

so it must be a /w/", it's "lau" or "lou",
but it's just one vowel sound, law. Start

with that vowel /ɔː/, then add the other
sounds, law. Let's have a look at some sentences.

The cat's claws came close to my face. The
cat's claws came close to my face. The child

had been moaning about his game all morning.
The child had been moaning about his game

all morning. That's one thing you'll also
notice that in "morning" we don't pronounce

that "r" in British English, there are some
varieties where they do pronounce that "r",

but in standard RP they don't. Morning. That's
it for this video, I hope you've enjoyed it.

Before we go, why not write down some more
minimal pairs with /əʊ/ and /ɔː/ down

in the comments and I'll have a check and
make sure you've got the right words there

with the right sounds. Have a fantastic week
and, as always, I'll see you next lesson.

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How to Pronounce: /ɔː/ (bought) and /əʊ/ (boat)

33 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on November 17, 2018
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