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(western guitar music)
- [Narrator] With Red Dead Redemption Two on the horizon,
many gamers are excited to see
what Rockstar will deliver this time.
It's been over eight years since the original
Red Dead Redemption and that game
is still looked upon as a masterpiece.
And it's actually my personal favorite
single player game of all time.
But as I was watching the release footage
of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption Two,
I began to think about something.
It seems as if every single one of Rockstar's games
have massive open worlds, and every single one of these
open world games are absolutely amazing and outstanding.
While open world games are pretty much everywhere
these days, most of them are pretty disappointing and empty.
But Rockstar on the other hand,
oh no, their worlds are better than my world.
Yeah, I'd rather live in the peaceful and safe Vice City
than where I am right now.
It looks like a great place and I'm kind of thinking
that it's based off of somewhere else in real life,
maybe like San Antonio or Paris or something,
I really don't know.
Anyways, the point is, Rockstar games
have a certain charm and feel to them, and it's honestly
something I can only get from Rockstar games.
There could be a variety of causes
that make me feel so great when I play these games.
It could be the fact that I love being able
to recreate the way that I act in real life.
It could be that I like the massive skies.
But I really don't think that's the case.
Deep down I know that the real reason why I love these games
is because of the true open world experience.
Rockstar's worlds, like I said,
are the best open worlds of any games.
The consistency is almost always there and every new release
has a world that is better than the last.
So what exactly is so good about these worlds?
What is it that makes these games the way they are?
I'll go ahead and start from the very beginning.
Many open world games have a little bit of life
when you're playing them.
Like how FarCry enemies will jump out of their cars
and yell stuff at you,
how Fallout games have cool little side quests
that actually make sense,
and of course how Mass Effect Andromeda
had a super realistic flying animation when you're trying
to walk around on the ground and you just started flying.
Wait what?
Oh, that wasn't intentional?
What I'm saying here is that some of these games
do a pretty decent job at adding life into their world.
But many of them lack consistency
and only do it in certain areas of their world.
Diamond City in Fallout Four, Novigrad in The Witcher Three,
and New Vegas and New Vegas are all great examples
of places that do it right.
Those locations tend to have a sense of life
and feel like a realistic place in a realistic world.
Now, Rockstar doesn't just do this in some locations,
they take the same approach
in every single aspect of their maps.
In order to identify life in a video game world,
we're gonna have to take a look at what creates this life.
Now, there are three things, movement,
realistic settings, and differences in scenery.
Rockstar worlds have all three of these things
and that's what makes them feel so lively.
Movement, this is the factor that many games have
but don't do correctly.
In order for an open world to feel alive,
there needs to be some sort of movement and activities
in the area that there are other people.
And basically every single open world game
in the Grand Theft Auto series, this is done perfectly.
The NPC's move around about their daily business
and they don't make you stick out like a sore thumb.
Traffic flows freely and realistically,
planes fly around in the sky,
waves push boats and stuff just feels natural.
The day and night cycle is perfect and the constant changes
in lighting and the progression of time of day
helps to make the world feel
like it's in constant motion and growth.
The ambulances moving around helping the old man
that just got ran over by some dude
in a really nice supercar, add to the effect by making
the world actually feel like a functioning society.
Things move and they move
extremely realistically and smoothly.
And honestly, it just feels right.
It's not like we have a Fallout Four settlement on our hands
where the stupid old lady just moves from chair to chair
and people walk around in circles and get in the way.
This is an example of pointless movement,
but it's not like that with Rockstar games.
All of the people who are moving about their daily business
seem to have some sort of purpose and these NPC's
and this interaction is one of the factors
that helps to make this game feel alive.
Second of all is the realistic settings in Rockstar worlds.
If you take a look at Red Dead Redemption,
you can see this first hand.
The entire map is separated into different zones
and each zone smoothly transitions into the next.
There's a nice variation in areas
and it keeps the world from getting boring.
I personally feel as if this was a big problem
with Assassin's Creed British edition.
The entire world just felt like
the exact same thing, copied and pasted,
and it totally killed the exploration in the game.
But when I say realistic settings I don't mean
something that would be possible in real life.
Obviously some games aren't set in real life,
so I don't wanna be the guy who's like,
according to my calculations, this isn't possible.
That's not what I mean by this.
What I mean is that the locations in a good game world
and definitely all Rockstar ones, seem to fit the theme
of the time and place that they are set in.
In Red Dead Redemption, everything from the flooring
in the houses to the sketchy docks at Thieves Landing
are covered in the same western grit and grime.
It really helps to keep the feel of the world consistent
and it adds to the overall life of the worlds.
And this leads me into my third point,
the differences in scenery.
I kinda already mentioned it, but it's a thing
that is required for a good open world game.
Like I said with Assassin's Creed, The Syndicate Project,
if everything feels the same,
what is the point of exploring?
And if you take a look at every Rockstar game ever,
you would notice that absolutely none
of the locations feel the same.
In Vice City for example, you can feel the difference
between the rich estates on the canals,
the massive beaches on the east coast,
and the slummy shops in the interior of the island.
In Bully for example, the map starts out
with rustic mountains, cuts through a modern city,
and then ends with some luxurious Victorian style mansions.
And the same thing goes for basically
every other Rockstar world.
So the worlds are alive and we've determined that already.
But there's another quality about Rockstar's worlds
that makes them stand out from other games,
an dit was admitted by Rob Nelson himself.
You probably don't recognize the name,
but trust me, he's an important dude
who's a big part of Rockstar games.
Anyways, this guy stated that the studio tend to keep
an important quality in mind when designing their worlds,
and that is the fact that they want the world
to feel independent of the player.
They wanna make their games feel as if the world
continues to exist and be alive
even when the player isn't in the game.
As stated by IGN, many games are developed
around the player, and make the games seem as if
everything revolves around them.
In games like Skyrim, shopkeepers arrive
and seem as if they're basically waiting for you,
they just stand around and wait until you buy something
or if you're me, until you steal everything.
But Rockstar games aren't like that.
The way they design their open worlds
is to show that society still exists
and still functions even if the player isn't around.
NPC's still go about their daily business,
trains drive around the map on their own schedule,
and the world still continues even if you aren't around.
This is shown strongly with Michael in GTA5.
Even when you don't play as him,
you still realize that he has a family
and has aspects of life that he has to deal with.
When you switch from character to character
you can come back to any of them
and see what's going on and what they're doing.
They still exist and they still do stuff,
even if you aren't around to do it for them.
In a good open world, the world needs to exist
and the player just needs to play a part in it.
Or in other words the world can't revolve around the player.
While these are important, there's one final thing
that makes Rockstar games stand out to me in particular,
and it's the sounds.
Sounds are taken for granted in video games,
and not a lot of people realize
the power that they truly hold.
Like, imagine taking a good game that has good sounds
and replacing all of the footsteps
with Squidward from Spongebob walking.
Okay, honestly that sounds like a really good idea
now that I think about it.
(Squidward stepping))
anyways, the sounds in Rockstar games
help to make the worlds into what they truly are.
In GTA you can hear cars honking,
people walking down the street talking on their cell phones,
the hum of machinery, and differences in sound
depending on what you step on.
For example, if you break a window,
and then walk over the ground below where you broke it,
you will hear the crunching of glass underneath your feet.
These things are freaking awesome,
and without them the game worlds would feel much different.
And the soundtracks really contribute
to the feeling of the world as well.
When roaming the wild west in Red Dead,
you can hear the western style music
that makes you feel like you're really there,
and in GTA, the action music that appears
when you're in a gunfight makes it even more intense.
And the ambient noise helps to set the mood as well,
whe you can hear the crickets chirping
and the wind blowing in Red Dead,
and you can hear the waves crashing on the beach in GTA.
These sounds make the sensory experience even more realistic
and without them, the worlds wouldn't have the same vibe.
But it's honestly the attention to detail that defines
a Rockstar game, and a Rockstar world for me.
It's all the little things that yo don't really think of
that add up to contribute to these worlds
in a manner that makes them outstanding.
It's the fact that you can get in your car in GTA
and change the radio station
to whatever mood you are feeling.
It's the fact that in Red Dead Redemption,
you can ride your horse through the open world
and find a group of people who've been attacked
by bandits and need your help.
It's the fact that Rockstar takes the time
to make the sun rays reflect off the paint of your car,
your feet bend when you're walking down a curb,
and your character sink into the mud
as you're walking in the marsh.
There are literally hundreds if not thousands
of little things that are done
in Rockstar games to have this effect.
And when put together it creates something truly amazing.
God dang it Rockstar, you're making me cry.
It's refreshing to have a company
that truly cares about the games they release.
Red Dead Redemption Two has been in development
for eight years and they still pushed back the release date
in order to perfect some things in the game.
With studios like Activate My Noose, and Electronic Atrophy
it means a lot that Rockstar love their games
and do whatever they can to keep their reputation positive.
Because the thing is, they don't need to do what they do,
they would still sell just as many copies of their games
without these details, because many people
don't even notice them.
But they don't do that.
They want every aspects of their game to be perfect
and they want to craft worlds that people can escape
the real world and immerse themselves into.
I'm honestly super excited for the release
of Red Dead Redemption Two and I'm looking forward
to how this game will change the future of Rockstar games
and the future of the gaming industry,
by crafting a perfect open world.
By the way, I just want to say,
this video is not sponsored by Rockstar,
but Rockstar if you wanna sponsor me,
I am free, just hit me up in the DM's bro.
Anyways guys, thank you so much for watching this video,
I hope you guys enjoyed.
Let me know what you think about Rockstar's worlds
in the comments and I will see you guys next time.
(futuristic music)
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How Rockstar Masters The Open World Game

23 Folder Collection
yowjow1668 published on November 16, 2018
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