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Hello there, Today am going to teach you how to use the
preposition “AT, ON and IN”.
I know it is usually confusing which one to use in different scenarios.
Here are the best situations and general rules.
When talking about time, IN is used to refer to a general, long period
of time, such as months, years, decades, or centuries, for example “IN April,” “IN
2015”, “IN the 21st century.”
ON is used to talk about particular days, dates, and holidays, e.g., “I went to work
on Monday.”
AT is used to refer to hours, minutes or very specific times, .e.g., “The train will come
at 10:00 AM”, “He's still working at midnight.”
When talking about space and address, IN is used to refer to a large land-area like
City, States, Countries, etc., while ON is used to talk about street level locations
like road, avenue, etc., AT is used to refer to a specific or concrete address, like street
For example, “Michael lives ON 12th street IN New York
“Her office is AT 250 Market Street in San Francisco.”
“Brazil is in South America.”
You can see, IN normally refers to a large space or long period, ON is relatively smaller,
shorter, but still not a concrete location or time, while AT is the smallest and shortest,
it often refers to a very specific location or time.
With this information, you can handle 95% of the use-cases, but you know, there're
always exceptions in English, like: when talking about surface, we always use
ON. while we use on when referring to days, but
IN is used for parts of days, like in the morning, in the afternoon, etc.
Hope now you can use AT ON and IN more confidently.
Thanks for watching.
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Difference between IN, ON and AT

67 Folder Collection
高天誠 published on November 16, 2018
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