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[Narrator] The smell of barbecue is in the air at the Minuteman restaurant and pie shop in Morristown, New Jersey.
[Lauryn] Hey Peter, you all by yourself today?
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[Peter] Yep. [Lauryn] Sounds good, right this way.

[Narrator] And this hungry regular can't wait to order.
[Lauryn] Here you go.
What can I get for you? [Peter] Maybe a burger? [Lauryn] Always a good choice
[Narrator] As Peter makes up his mind...
[Peter] Actually, can you tell me the special list? [Lauryn] Well, we have a delicious pulled pork sandwich...
[Narrator] Our diner decides his time is up.
[Mike] Hello. Hi, excuse me, miss. Yes. How long do you think you're gonna be with him? [Lauryn] I'm sorry. What?
[Mike] Well, it just seems like it's gonna be a...slow process.
[Narrator] It happens more often than you think; people with down syndrome being bullied and treated unfairly.
If you overheard this man being impatient and indignant with a customer who has Down syndrome...
[Peter] Is there a problem, sir? [Mike] I wouldn't expect YOU to understand.
[Narrator] ...what would you do?
[Peter] Uh, can I have uhhh. umm
[Narrator] Peter is not having trouble deciding what to order.
[Peter] Actually, can you tell me about your sandwitches
[Lauryn] Sure!
We have many- we have wraps if you'd like a wrap instead.
[Narrator] While the surrounding tables don't seem to mind...
[Lauryn] Hamburger? Okay, how do you like that cooked?
[Narrator] Our impatient customer certainly does.
[Mike] Excuse me, miss? Hello? Hi? Yeah. I've been sitting here for like fifteen minutes.
[Lauryn] I'll be right with you, sir.
[Mike] He's so slow. Can you please take my order first?
[Lauryn] I'll be right with you, okay? [Mike] He probably can't even read the menu. I'm in a hurry.
[Narrator] This woman does her best to tune him out.
[Mike] Please, can you come over and take my order? This is so stupid!
[Lauryn] Okay, I'm gonna put this in and I'll be right back, okay?
[Mike] Don't people- [Lauryn] Sir, I'll be right back.
[Narrator] But when he redirects his anger from Lauryn...
[Mike] People with Down syndrome have a guardian; where's your guardian?
[Peter] I'm trying to enjoy my night.
[Mike] Well, you're slowing everything down. These people haven't received an order, these people haven't received-
[Narrator] She decides she's had enough.
[Mike] None of us have gotten any-
Are you talking to me, ma'am?
He's taking forever.
He should have somebody with him.
[Narrator] And just when we thought it was over...
[Mike] Why are you defending a retarded kid?
[Lady] First of all... its 'mentally challenged'
[Mike] Ma'am, I am in a hurry. I have a business appointment-
[Narrator] Turns out for her, this situation hits close to home.
[John Quiñones] I'm John Quiñones. They're actors.
[Diner] I used to teach mentally challenged children and ...
...I'm sorry I'm shaking, but I don't like to have confrontations with people, but that..really bothered me.
My number one motto: Treat everybody that the way you would like to be treated.
[John Quiñones] The golden rule.
[Narrator] We roll again...
[Lauryn] They have Arnold Palmers, so it's lemonade and iced tea.
*slight chortle* They should be.
[Narrator] How will they react to Mike's tasteless behavior?
[Mike] Miss, can you- can you just- take my order first, please?
[Lauryn] Just give me one second, sir.
[Mike] Just come back to him, he won't care. I have- I'm in a hurry.
[Peter] Can I have your Chicken Caesar Wrap?
[Lauryn] Chicken Caesar Wrap?
[Narrator] When the waitress steps away...
[Mike] You have no guardian with you. You're by yourself?
[Narrator] He offers Mike a tip.
[Mike] He's bo- I mean... I- I've been sitting here-
I didn't even know that people with Down syndrome could even go out by themselves.
You'd fire me? Heh.
Alright, that's it. I'm- I'm not gonna patronize this place if they let people like that in here.
[Narrator] And after he leaves...he gives Peter one more sign of support.
[John Quiñones] Hi, how are you, sir? I'm John Quiñones.
[Diner] How are you?
[Quiñones] You defended a stranger. [Diner] So what? He needed it!
It was not fair what he was doing.
[Narrator] And he wasn't the only one. Throughout the day, customers refused to ally with Mike.
[Diner] I think you should apologize to this guy.
[Mike] I should apo-
[Diner] Yeah, I think you should.

[Diner] Why don't you find another place to eat?
[Narrator] And they advised Peter to pay no mind to this hostile diner.
[Peter] That man was so mad at me.
This guy is really annoying me. [Diner] Don't worry about it.
Just sit down and relax. [Peter] I hope I'm not bothering you...
[Diner] Not at all, not at all. Good to see ya' buddy.
[Narrator] We roll one last time.
[Mike] This can take all day with somebody like him...
He's obviously mentally challenged. So...
[Narrator] And right away, this woman makes a bee line for the manager!
[Narrator] Now, with her sister's help, she confronts Mike directly.
[Mike] I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry, and this guy's taking forever-
[Narrator] They're met with reinforcements.
[Diner] Relax, will you? Relax.
If you're in a hurry, get the hell out, okay?
He's here. He deserves good treatment.
You know!? Relax!
[Mike] He's taking forever.
Well, you know? Walk out!
[Narrator] Our inconsiderate customer does just that...
[Mike] Thanks anyway.
[Narrator] ...but not before sharing some parting words.
[Mike] You should have somebody here with you, alright? You should have a guardian with you.
You should not be in here by yourself.
[Narrator] But, he's cut off as the restaurant rallies around Peter.
[Diner] Would you leave the guy alone?
Get the hell out, okay?
I am leaving- I'm leaving. [Diner] Go ahead! [Mike] But he should not be here.
[Diner] We're gonna miss you, okay?
This is a family restaurant.
I never saw such a behavior in my life.
Okay? [Mike] Yeah, well I won't be back here either.
[Diner] Good!

[Diner] Well, you could sit with us if you'd like.
[Narrator] Time to calm their nerves.
[Quiñones] I'm John, can I sit here?

[Diner] When my sister came in, I said, "I don't know what to do." [Diner] For sure, he sat there and he heard what was going on
And if- if that really happened...
[Quiñones] It was that touching to you.
[Diner] Oh man!
[Quiñones] You threw him out, you told him to get outta here!
[Diner] I might have used some foul language.
I don't even remember, but...
[Quiñones] What was your message?
[Diner] You gotta be kind to everybody.
[Quiñones] One in every seven hundred births is a Down syndrome child.

[Diner] My boss has a Down syndrome Niece and...
...They're human beings; we all are.
[Jeremykat124] I hope you learned that you should respect all human beings, even if they have Down syndrome.
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Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

75 Folder Collection
April Lu published on November 15, 2018
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