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Hey, hey, hey!
Higher! Higher!
A little lower!
There, that's perfect.
Director Huang, do you need anything else?
What else is there beside searching for believers in God?
The leaders held a meeting
because the central leadership sent down orders to completely eradicate religious faith.
They demanded us to seek out believers in God,
and not leave a single individual.
As the community's "scouts,"
we have to find out whether anyone in the community believes in God.
We have to investigate any strangers who come to the community.
Hey, how's that thing I asked you to do going?
Trust me, I'm taking care of it.
In our community,
no matter where anyone goes,
there are high-resolution cameras watching.
And we've hired a few more people on the security team. (Oh!)
And we have 24-hour patrols of the perimeters.
No matter who visits what house,
we have them all in the palm of our hands! (Good!)
Hey, lately someone reported that strangers often visit Lin Min's house.
They could very possibly be having meetings.
We have to watch them closely, and find out what's going on.
If we really catch believers in God …
Right! The reward …
Keep an eye on them.
Don't worry, Director,
I'm watching them! (Stop right there!)
What's going on?
Take this.
You … why are you chasing me? You …
I said stop!
Why are you chasing me?
Director, Director, (You …)
her son ran away from home, why is she blaming me?
I need justice from the neighborhood committee!
This is—(Go away! Go!)
Director …
I'm busy looking for believers in God,
I don't have time for you!
Wait. But, Director … (You little jerk!)
Stop chasing me! Stop! (Now you're making a complaint?)
Stop running! Come back!
From now on, in our community …
"Keep your eyes on money." (Hold on.)
"Keep your eyes on money, think of nothing other than money …"
Director Huang! Director Huang!
Slow down! Do you think I'm deaf?
Director Huang, there are two strangers at Lin Min's house!
What? Are you sure?
OK, I understand.
Two strangers just went to Lin Min's house,
I'll go find out what's happening.
You keep an eye on the gates. (OK!)
Keep a careful eye out this time! (Don't worry!)
I heard that the CCP issued secret orders.
They're planning a national crackdown aimed at Christians.
In Liaoning alone at least 700 brothers and sisters were arrested within 3 days.
Even an 86-year-old sister was arrested.
They really won't let anyone go.
I know.
More and more of our brothers and sisters are being sent to jail.
The CCP is so cruel!
In all the years since it took power the CCP has never stopped persecuting religious faith,
and its persecution of Christians is especially awful.
The arrests and crackdowns have never stopped.
That's right.
Harsh environments like this one are a trial for Christians.
How do you understand this matter?
I think God is using difficulties and trials like the CCP's arrests and persecution
to make a group of overcomers.
The cowardly and those who just want to eat their fill
are revealed and eliminated,
and those who truly believe in God and love the truth
are perfected by God through these trials.
Yes, that's how I see it too.
Recently, I was almost arrested at a meeting in the west of the city,
and afterward, I also felt cowardly and weak.
Then I saw this passage of God's word,
Sister, you read a passage as well. (OK.)
After reading God's word I understood
that God appeared and works in China in the last days
to use the CCP's satanic power in the service of making a group of overcomers.
The great red dragon's wild arrests and persecution
are an inspection of all believers in God. (Yes.)
Everyone needs to face them and pass the test.
Pursuers of truth who can keep praying to God, seek the truth,
who have true knowledge of God and true faith,
and who will risk their lives to follow God
will be made overcomers by God.
The cowardly and those who don't pursue the truth
will be revealed and eliminated by God.
This is God's wisdom!
The great red dragon is coiled on the path to the kingdom of heaven,
which determines that entering the kingdom of heaven is dangerous.
It looks like to be made overcomers by God,
and qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven,
we really do need to risk our lives to pursue it!
It's just as the Lord Jesus said,
Things are getting more and more dangerous,
so from now on we need to be extra secret about meetings.
Yes. (Books of God's word …)
Who is it?
Me, Lao Huang!
It's the neighborhood committee director!
Quick, you two go hide. (OK.)
Hurry up! You're sure taking your time.
Oh, Director Huang.
What took you so long to open the door?
Director Huang, what can I do for you?
Oh, I just came to see how your remodeling is coming along.
I'd like to redo my apartment too.
That's weird, where are her visitors?
Director Huang, what did you say?
Oh! I just said I like your doors.
Oh. This is an old door.
This is one of the new doors.
This door looks pretty new to me.
That's odd.
Oh no!
This really is an old door, I … (Yeah.)
It's fine.
I was replacing it anyway.
Lin Min …
Why weren't you at the community meeting two days ago?
Oh, I've been busy here.
The central leadership sent new orders attacking religious faith.
They want ordinary people like us to help monitor and report believers in God.
There are rewards if you report.
Believing in God isn't against the law,
and everyone still has to monitor them?
Doesn't the Constitution allow religious freedom?
You really believe the Communist Party's words?
When has it ever told the truth?
If there was really religious freedom,
why would they be arresting believers in God?
Don't forget the Communist Party is an atheist revolutionary party,
and they'll kill anyone who believes in God!
Director Huang, you seem quite clear on what the Communist Party is!
Yes I am.
"Keep your eyes on money, keep your eyes on money,
think of nothing other than money …"
What? Right now?
I got it!
I have something to do. This conversation is over.
Oh, Lin Min,
from now on, if we have events or meetings in the community,
you have to be there, got it?
Got it.
Where were they?
Sisters, sisters? (Yes?)
Oh, she's gone. Come out.
These community directors,
people in red armbands, and neighborhood patrols,
they are like the CCP's police dogs.
The moment they suspect you of believing in God,
they never take their eyes off you.
We don't have any freedom at all.
China under CCP control is nothing but a demonic jail.
China watches its people just like prisoners.
It absolutely does.
We don't have any human rights!
It's just as God's word says,
God's revelation is absolutely correct.
The CCP wildly resists God,
enlists the whole strength of the country to arrest Christians everywhere,
and round up and eliminate all believers in God.
It openly legislates to condemn Almighty God's work of the last days,
has one crackdown to arrest Christians after another,
and even uses the armed police and army
to completely eliminate Christian churches
and turn China into a godless country, a demonic jail where Satan holds power,
where Satan the king of devils and demons exist,
and where God and His chosen people are not allowed to exist.
This is the madness of Satan the king of devils in the last days!
There is no way for Christians to survive in China! (That's right!)
Some people have escaped abroad,
and the CCP won't let them go either.
They use all kinds of despicable means to extradite them back to China,
and then arrest them and torment them to death in jail.
The CCP is so evil!
It is!
Now I think I finally understand
that places where God rules are heaven on earth,
and places where Satan the devil rules are basically hell!
Today, the CCP's demonic nature has been thoroughly exposed,
and the entire world clearly sees the evil and ugliness of the CCP.
It looks like the CCP's final days are approaching.
No wonder it fears people mentioning the last days.
Now we need to follow God and pursue the truth more than ever.
By creating beautiful, resounding testimony to God
amidst trials and tribulations and humiliating the devil Satan,
we become people who are saved by God! (Yes.)
That's absolutely right!
After so many years of CCP persecution, we've understood much truth,
and this is a blessing from God!
Thanks be to God.
Hey, wait a minute!
There are two strangers at her house,
why didn't I see them?
No, I have to go back.
Let's end our meeting today here.
This Director Huang might suspect we're having meetings.
In the future we'll have to go into the forest or mountain caves to have meetings.
Sister Lin, let's stop here today.
Just wait, and I'll see.
Director Huang …
Oh … I see you have visitors?
Yes, these are my friends.
This is the neighborhood committee director.
Hello, Director.
Director Huang, what do you want this time?
Oh, well I broke your door handle,
I came to ask how much it costs.
I thought I should pay you back.
No need, it was old anyway. I'm getting a new one.
Alright, then you can keep talking, I have something else to do.
Have a good day.
Uh oh, Director Huang was listening outside.
This can't be good news.
You two need to put on disguises before you go.
OK. (Quick, come with me!)
Quick! (Hello? Chief Wang.)
It's me.
There are two believers in God at Lin Min's house in our community.
Oh! Keep an eye on them, I'll be right there.
OK, I'll be watching!
Don't you run away! Stop right there!
Stop chasing me! Stop!
Bring my son back! (It's you two again!)
You have to do something about this!
Why does she blame me for her son's divorce?
Who gave her the right to chase me? (Oh, keep quiet.)
If you hadn't … if you hadn't provoked them, would they have divorced?
Would my son have run away?
You hag! (Miss Hu …)
Didn't you already call the police?
They'll help you find him. (You find yourself!)
The police? They won't find anyone!
I called the police ages ago, and there's still no news!
If you don't give my son back today. (If you can, go find yourself …)
I'll finish you! I …
Miss Hu …
You go … (Be quiet!)
Miss Hu, calm down!
You go … (Be quiet!)
Let me at it, let me at it.
How dare you hit me!
She hit you! She hit you!
Stop fighting! (You hit Director Huang!)
I will …
You hit Director Huang!
Hey, hey. Stop fighting!
Stop! Chief Wang is here. (Out of my way!)
Out of the way! You're blocking the road!
Out of the way! (The police are here!)
Stop running! Get back here!
Where are they? (Chief Wang …)
They're at her house. Let's go, I'll take you.
This is her house.
Kick it open!
What are you doing? (Get away!)
That's Lin Min.
Hold her!
Why are you arresting me?
So what if we do?
Because you believe in God. Even killing you wouldn't be too much!
Chief, no one's here.
No one?
Keep searching! (Yes, sir!)
Tell me, where are your visitors?
It's not against the law for people to visit me.
Is this something to report to the government?
Shut up, you believer!
And tell me where they went!
I don't know!
Still not talking?
Beat her!
Chief …
Chief, we found this.
See this? This is our evidence for arresting you!
Take it all away! (Yes, sir!)
You …
You're nothing but bandits!
Bandits rob, we're doing a public service!
If you believe in God rather than the CCP,
we have to search your home and take your assets.
And I'm telling you,
if you don't tell us everything, we might take your life!
Take her away!
When we get to the station, you'll get yours!
Director Huang! Director Huang!
How exactly were you watching them?
If it wasn't for those two fighting,
I definitely could have caught them today—(Enough!)
You can't even keep track of two adults.
Let's go!
Yes, sir!
Jeez, what a jerk!
Hey, Director, Director.
The … uhh … reward?
You still want a reward? There's no reward!
You're lucky they didn't ask you for gas money,
and now you want a reward.
It's really a thankless job to work for the Communist Party!
The Communist Party! What a joke!
It's a waste of time!
If you ask me, no good comes of following the CCP!
They'll probably all end up in hell to report to Marx!
Liu, what are you doing?
Hey, Director! Coming! Coming!
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English Christian Video "Community 'Scouts'" (2018 Short Sketch)

28 Folder Collection
linling published on November 14, 2018
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