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  • Welcome, everyone!

  • Sam from BBC Learning English here.

  • You probably already know

  • that in English we have some verbs that are always

  • followed by the infinitivefor example: want.

  • And other verbs that are always followed by the

  • gerund - for example: enjoy.

  • But we also have some verbs in English

  • that can be followed by either

  • the infinitive or the gerund

  • and the meaning will change - for example: remember

  • Remember to bring your umbrella

  • - where first you remember and then

  • you bring your umbrella.

  • This is commonly used when talking about the future.

  • I remember meeting my best friend when I was little

  • - where first I met my best friend

  • and then I remembered it.

  • This is now a memory,

  • so it's commonly used when talking about the past.

Welcome, everyone!

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Remember to do vs remember doing: English In A Minute

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