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Welcome to Rimes City ,a celebration of the harmony between humans and pokémon.
- Tim, your dad was a legend in this precinct. If you are anything like your dad.... “I'm not.”
I Remember you wanted to be a pokémon trainer when you were young.
Yeah, that didn't really work out.
Someone there?
Whoever you are, I know how to use this.
Aw, jeez. Here we go. I know you can't understand me. But put down the stapler...
or I will electrocute you.
-Did you just talk? “Whoa.”
Did you just understand me? Oh my god, you can understand me. I've been so lonely.
- They try to talk to me all the time. All they hear is pika-pika. -You can hear him, right?
- Yeah, pika-pika-pika is adorable. - You're adorable. They can't understand me you can. - No one else hear him.
I Don't need a Pokemon, period.And what about a world-class detective because if you want to find your pops
I'm your best bet.
We're gonna do this, you and me.
This magic. It brought us together and that magic is called hope.
Listen up we got ways to make you talk or mine. Yeah, tell us what we want to know.
Pipe. Yes. Okay. A can. Shoving ?Pushing?My problem is that I push people away and then hate them for leaving.
- He's saying you can shove it. - What? I can shove it. Okay, that's it. No, we're switching roles. I'm bad cop. You're good cop. We're not cops.
In my head I saw that differently.
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POKEMON Detective Pikachu Trailer (2019)

7137 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on November 16, 2018    餓犬 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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