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♫ Domics Intro ♫
Domics: nm- Alright. Let's say you live in a condo-apartment
complex, or some kind of home cluster that requires
key access through a locked gate or door.
You're inside and a stranger is at the door.
on the other side.
Waving at you. (Menacingly)
Signaling you to open the door for them. (look of intense evil)
*low voice* Do you let them in?
I freakin' HATE being in this situation.
Everytime I walk into my condo building,
and there's someone already in the vestibule,
tryina' figure how the buzzer works
probably for my prostitute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) neighbor,
They see me come in and look at me like
I'm their savior (domics is anime god) expecting me to open the door for them
open the door for them I guess I don't have
much of a choice, I gotta get
inside and I can't just open the door for myself
and immediately close it behind me like,
"No... not you only me"
Well, technically there is a back entrance I could use,
but that's on the opposite side of the building
and that feels like too much trouble
just to avoid this situation.
But when i'm waiting for a pizza delivery in the lobby,
and an outsider pleads me to open the door,
as if they're escaping the plague outside,
if I ignore them, I feel like an asshole,
but if i open the door for them I feel like I defeated the purpose of a security door?
Welp, I just let in a serial killer!
I sure hope everyone locked their doors and aren't depending on these doors as their only line of defense
Serial Killer that sounds like a pervert : "Hehe, Thanks loser! I'll kill you last."
I just recently came back from a trip to California for VidCon and Anime Expo.
I had a blast seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
Even though I only got to see a lot of you briefly, do know that I enjoyed whatever time we had
Except for when we were outside.
Like, what is this California? You're broken, go home.
Every year for anime expo, I rent out an Airbnb with some friends for the duration of the convention.
And this year, we got ourselves this nice apartment suite in a gated complex.
Unfortunately, at some point in the night we ran out of toilet paper,
and the Airbnb didn't have any extra rolls anywhere.
It was like 3 am and our drivers were too tired to go out and get some,
and we didn't exactly feel safe walking out in the unknown neighborhood.
Luckily, our friend Ehl pointed out that there was a public bathroom on the first floor of the complex, across from the gym!
So, Claire and I decided to head down for some toiletry shopping
Ehl didn't really give us specific directions so we had a bit of trouble looking for the bathroom
During our search we passed by the front gate, and a guy, probably in his early 20s jogs up to the door in a slight panic.
Sketchy Guy: Hey! Oh thank goodness! Hi! Could you guys let me in? I was having a party on the rooftop with my friends, a-and I think I left my wallet by the Jacuzzi.
I-I just wanna check if it's there.
Domics: Literally the situation I hate.
Claire and I looked at each other in hesitation.
Domics: I-I don't think we can.
S-sorry man. We're just visitors here.
Sketchy Guy: Please, could you just help me out? I-I checked my car, it's not there
I'm pretty sure I left it upstairs.
Domics: Look, I don't know this guy. I don't know this neighborhood. I am not a bouncer,
it was 3 am and neither Claire nor I would have the reflex to defend ourselves from this sketchy dude if he was dangerous!
Butt! But he did know about the rooftop patio area with the jacuzzi,
So he wasn't totally making it up.
It was too late to pull out my fake chinese, and Claire's real chinese to pretend we couldn't understand, as an excuse to leave,
It was late, I was tired. There was a rumbly in my tummy and I just wanted to get some toilet paper, thanks!
And on a sidenote, we held the little barbecue get together with some friends the previous night,
And then I got contacted the next day by the host, saying there were reports of our party members damaging property
and vomiting over the balcony the previous night.
And while I believed to the extent of my knowledge that they were false accusations,
I didn't want to dig a deeper hole for me and my group by letting in a stranger to a private complex.
The door is locked for a reason
Domics: Sorry man. We can't.
Sketchy Guy: *sigh* Come on!
Domics: And we headed back upstairs with an extreme lack of toilet paper.
Do you think sketchbook paper would hurt?
Domics: we... couldn't find it. Also there's a dude downstairs saying he forgot his wallet by the...Jacuzzi or something.
We told Elle what happened and he decided to escort us to the secret bathroom himself.
But first we headed to the rooftop patio to check for this "wallet".
We looked around the Jacuzzi area; nothing!
We checked the rest of the patio area...
And on one of the tables there was a pair of shoes
And inside one of them...
Ehl: I guess he was telling the truth.
Claire: Wait! Check for an ID!
Then we will ask him for his name.
Assuming he's still down there.
Ehl: Felipe Gonzales.
Domics: We left the wallet where it was and headed back down.
He was still there.
Domics: Hey...
Sketchy Guy (Possibly Felipe): Please, I really need my wallet!
Ehl: Alright, so we did see one up there...
But I don't think we can let you in still.
Any chance your friend can get it for you?
Sketchy Guy: No...
They're asleep now...
We drank a lot!
I tried calling them, but they were already passed out.
Claire: Hold on...
What's your name by the way?
Sketchy Guy: Uhh...Chris....
Domics: Who the fu- That's definitely not how you pronounce Felipe.
Chris: Oh yeah!
Uhh...That's my other friend!
H-he was with us too.
Domics: Uhhhh...
I can go check for my self!
Domics: Uhh.....
Call us overly-cautious, but he just progressively became more suspicious.
He said he left the wallet by the Jacuzzi...
The only wallet we found was neither by the Jacuzzi nor belonged to a Chris...
He to us his "friends" were in room 208.
So we went up and tried knocking on their door.
And no one answered.
I guess if they were black out drunk that made sense.
But then again it was 3:30 at this point
and most people would be unconscious anyway
We EVEN went back to check the rooftop patio AGAIN
for a more thorough search
but... still nothing.
He had an excuse but we weren't in a position to be good Samaritans
Well, a-actually I guess to be a good Samaritans means you help no matter the situation
Maybe we were just normal Samaritans.
Normal people... I don't know. Whatever
I just wanted to wipe my ass. Okay?
We were in unfamiliar territory.
Elle even mentioned later that he noticed Gang Markings on nearby walls and stop signs around the complex.
For all we know this guy could-of who threw-up over balcony the other night
We got the toilet paper, but we didn't let him in
I'm sorry Chris, I'm not calling you a gangster necessarily
but you had an unlucky night
He did however have his car and phone, if he did drink with his buddies it was probably best that he didn't drive that night anyway
I don't know call an Uber and pick your wallet up in the morning
I don't know if we made the right decision
but I felt it was the safe decision
Plus, what is he also knew about the secret bathroom and wanted to take the toilet paper for himself
Nu-huh dude. Natural selection.
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I had a lot of fun being able to speak with Phil DeFranco, Ben and John of the Super Carlin Bros, and Brianna
About Florida, an audiobook we chose to listen to and discussed on an old fashion book club.
If you haven't already, you can check how that went on the PhillyD channel
I'm sorry I was really awkward and nervous
BUT, I had a blast
I'll leave a link to that in the description.
ONCE Again, that's Audible.com/Domics or text Domics to 500-500 for a 30 day trial and a free audiobook
Enjoy (。◕‿‿◕。)
*Subtitles reviewed and fixed by Nicolas Romagnoli*
Oh! Why are you still here?
I'm pretty sure he said enjoy
So enjoy those sweet audiobooks
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Stranger's Thing

49 Folder Collection
Ellen published on November 13, 2018
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