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Before I went to college, I wish I had hugged my parents and ate a lot more of their home-cooked meals, because you're gonna get tired of ramen pretty quick.
[Things I wish I knew before starting college.]
First off, don't worry about any of the high school drama and any of the guys in your high school, any of those people, because they're gonna be irrelevant in about two months.
The one thing I wish I would have done in between high school and college would definitely be find internships, at least one summer internship or just internships at all.
Start the free stuff now so that once you leave college, you've already built your ground, and most jobs actually want to hire you afterwards.
I'm from Hawaii, and something that I really wish I did more of before I went to college was go to the beach.
I went to school in Ohio, in middle of nowhere Ohio, and so, obviously there are no beaches, and the closest body of water was the Ohio River, so that's not the best to swim in.
Learn about sex and drugs, because there's a lot of that in college, and it's better to be educated.
That way, you know what you're getting yourself into.
You're not doing too much too fast.
Remember to document everything.
Take as many pictures with your friends as possible.
Get that wardrobe right.
You gotta go in, you gotta stunt on everyone, you gotta be looking good, so just kind of like revitalize that whole wardrobe.
Learn some respect for deadlines.
That shit's gonna get you.
If you don't get it, they're gonna smack you against the wall.
Do that and learn how to cook.
You should thank your teachers.
You should also hang out with your friends as much as possible.
Because it's the last summer you're gonna be able to do it.
Somehow, remember that you signed off on a student loan, 'cause you're gonna forget.
And then, five years later, you're gonna get something in the mail that says you signed a student loan for like 5000 USD.
Totally not speaking from personal experience.
Read a book that you actually want to read for fun, because I don't think you're gonna want to read a book for fun for the next four years until college is over.
My last summer before college, I definitely regret not actually just chilling.
Like, I was just doing too much and preparing for college.
And then once it starts, that's it.
You go through your four years, and then it's like you're in the workforce and that's that.
Before I went to college, I worked at my summer camp, my sleep-away summer camp, and I didn't pack anything.
And my mom graciously packed everything I could have ever needed for me.
So my advice is to like... go get things you need for college for yourself so that when you get there, you know what you have.
During my last summer before college, I wish I would have threw a graduation party.
I'm 25, and I never had a big party that celebrated me and my accomplishments, so that would have been dope.
Take risks.
Put yourself in uncomfortable situations.
Don't do what everyone's telling you to do.
Because at least in my life, that's when I found the most interesting things and like... kind of discovered who I was.
Don't drink Jager.
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Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting College

4067 Folder Collection
Winnie Liao published on November 21, 2018    Winnie Liao translated    reviewed
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