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Hey there, I'm Sarah a New York local and today I'm going to show you what you
should do in New York City. Now this isn't going to be your typical guide where I'm
telling you to go to the Empire State Building or Times Square, which I am
right now. I hate this place but I had to do it. I'm gonna show you the stuff that I think is the
best from years of writing about what to do in New York City. It's going to be my
favorite things, the most unique things, the most interesting things, the things
that you can only find in New York. So let's begin as I show you what to do
when you come here to New York City.
If you're looking for some of New York City's best nightlife, head over to
Mckittrick Hotel. This place has the most amazing parties I have ever seen
and I've been to a lot of different parties in New York and this is
consistently the most incredible. The reason is because they do immersive
theatrical experiences. It's not just a bunch of dancing and drinking, it's live
performance on stage, professional dancers, confetti falling from the
ceiling. One of the parties I went to they literally had real grass on the
floor. This is New York nightlife at its finest. Hands down. They also are home to
Sleep No More, which is one of the award-winning shows that they put on
here. Check out their events calendar it's really the events that are epic.
That's all I have to say!
Another great way to see the city by boat is through the North River Lobster
Company. This is one of my favorite ways to see the city. It's only $10 to get on
this boat, and they serve great drinks, cocktails, and beer and wine, and also
really incredible seafood. This boat circles Manhattan every 45 minutes so
it docks for 45 minutes and it circles for 45 minutes. If you miss the
boat it's not a big deal because they have a bar right on the pier. So it's
very convenient and a lot of locals don't even know this place exists so
definitely a place to check out, definitely one of those hidden gems in
New York City.
One of the most breathtaking ways to see New York is
from above by a helicopter or a plane. It's truly a one-of-a-kind experience,
and although it is expensive, I do recommend it because it's so beautiful.
You can do helicopter rides for even as short as 15 minutes or longer and also
plane rides. I did one where I actually learned how to fly a plane and we
circled around the Statue of Liberty. Beautiful experience, definitely
recommend doing that.
I'm a big believer in taking tours of the city to learn
more about it, and I've taken many tours in New York to get a visitor's
perspective and my favorite has always been Urban Adventures and the reason is
because they do small group or private tours. Therefore you get more one-on-one
with the tour guide and it's a better experience for you. I've taken their
tours all over the world and loved them some of my favorite tours that they do
here in New York are the New York City craft cocktail tour, the Brewed in Brooklyn tour, and
Brooklyn tour, and the Sights and Bites Tour. But they have so many other tours
here in New York so check out their site you can see everything there. They
also do tours all over the world so no matter where you are you can check out
an Urban Adventures tour.
One of my favorite ways to see the city is by boat
and if you're looking for a luxurious experience you can go on a Classic
Harbor line cruise. They do several themed boats throughout the year some
holiday, they do a wine and cheese pairing (which I love), they do brunch
cruises which are really fun. There's tons of different options for you to do
here at Classic Harbor Line Cruises. If you're looking for New York from a
very luxurious standpoint on the water just do a Classic Harbor Line Cruise so
that's option guys.
Brunching here in New York is practically a religion. It's something that the
locals do almost every weekend. It's often weekend's are planned around
brunches. Now if you don't know what brunch is, it's the meal between
breakfast and lunch. Often in New York you get these boozy brunches which
are so much fun. Often it includes unlimited alcohol,
which you need to be careful with at certain locations, and just like mounds
of breakfast food that's covered in sugar. A great website to find a brunch
is called Bitches Who Brunch, and they have honest reviews of all the brunches
in New York. One of the best and brunches is at La Sirena and they have a very
classy atmosphere, outdoor patio and that's actually the top-rated brunch so
that's one that you might want to see. It is on the more expensive side. If
you're looking for a cheaper brunch, go to Bitches Who Brunch and they have a
nice sorting feature that allows you to choose what you're looking for. But when
you come to New York definitely try brunching because that is such a local
thing to do here especially boozy brunches.
Now I can't show you everything
there is to do in New York City sadly. I do have other videos on more specific
things but you're going to need a guide book when you come here. My favorite is
Marco Polo. I used them all over the world and they
are fantastic, it's great especially in New York because they just made this one
has tons of insider tips. Also they have a pull-out map and my favorite part is
their interactive app that has walking tours of the city that you can just go
on yourself. There are tons of them so no matter where you are in the city you can
find a specific walking tour for that area and they'll tell you all the facts
all the history.
When you're here you should see a Broadway show. There are few
experiences as New York as seeing a Broadway show. I used to work on Broadway
and I've seen a lot of them but my favorites are The Lion King, Book of
Mormon, Hamilton, Beautiful and also The Cursed Child just opened so that's one
that you should probably experience. I haven't seen it though but I've heard
it's really good. Since I did use to work on Broadway, I have some tips on how you can
get tickets for cheap. The best recommendation I have is to just buy
tickets at midweek, so Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, a matinee. Those are
going to be cheaper than buying a Friday evening or a Saturday evening show. Also
if you're here in January that is when the tickets are at the cheapest and the
reason is because we had the least amount of tourists in January so the
tickets for Broadway go down significantly. There's a lot of people
that sell discounted tickets but often you won't get that for the really good
shows like The Lion King and Hamilton and things like that.
At Sea the City Jet Ski, you can take a jet ski tour around the peninsula of
Manhattan and around the Statue of Liberty. It's a pretty amazing way to see
the city. We're about to do it right now. It's April so it's cold here but
normally you wouldn't have this much clothes on. I'm gonna put on this suit,
get it all up and we're gonna jump in. I'll see you on the water.
When you're looking for an escape from the concrete jungle and just want some
nature in your life, head over to Central Park or the Hudson River Greenway. This
is one of my favorite places to bike or skate or run. The Hudson River Greenway
has tons of stops along it, as well. They have restaurants, bars, bike rental places,
gardens. You can really find it all here. It's a lovely way to spend a beautiful
sunny day, whether it's winter or summer, as long as it's like above 50 degrees
there tends to be a lot of activity here at the Hudson River Greenway.
Before coming to New York, you should watch my other videos on New York City. I
have had videos on insider tips, secret spots, and tourist trap, and they'll be
more coming. That will really help you in deciding on what you want to do in this
wonderful city.
Central Park has so many things to do in it and one of the most memorable ways to
experience Central Park is by horseback riding through it. This is an experience
that many locals don't even know exist. You can do it through Central Park
Sightseeing. And you truly sit on a horse and ride along paths, lakes, rivers - it's
well it's a lake in Central Park so you know - but it's just it's really beautiful.
If you don't want to do horseback riding, also bike riding is a beautiful thing to
do there. You could spend the whole day there just have a picnic and explore.
And that's a wrap! Those are my favorite things to do here in New York City. If
you enjoyed this video, remember to subscribe, follow me on Instagram at
@sarahfunky, and I will see you next time!
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NYC Things to Do | 12 of the best experiences from local New Yorker

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Emily published on November 12, 2018
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