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You're getting to be a big boy.
I'm just a kid who's four.
Each day I grow some more.
I like exploring.
I'm Caillou.
So many things to do.
Each day is something new.
I'll share them with you.
I'm Caillou.
My world is turning,
changing each day,
with mommy and daddy
I'm finding my way!
Growing up is not so tough,
except when I've had enough.
But there's lots of fun stuff.
I'm Caillou,
Caillou, Caillou, I'm Caillou.
Eh heh heh heh heh...
That's me
Storytime, kids.
Now, what did Caillou do today?
Today's story is called
"Caillou makes Cookies,"
It all happened when Caillou was just three years old.
Caillou. You have to play quietly now.
Rosie is going to take her nap.
But...I want to play.
You can still play--
just do it quietly.
Caillou felt that being quiet
wasn't as much fun as being noisy.
I asked you to play quietly.
Cookies. I want cookies.
I'm hungry.
So Caillou went to the kitchen...
Caillou decided to make some honey cookies.
And so, Caillou got to work—
making a whole bunch of honey cookies:
fat ones, skinny ones,
flat ones, and round ones.
Oh Caillou. What are you doing?
I'm making cookies.
Look at the mess you made.
Do you want to help Mommy clean it up?
Yes, Mommy--me and you.
We have to make sure the kitchen is nice and clean. (Beat)
Now where's that dustpan?
I found it.
That's the way,
my favourite helper.
Caillou was very proud.
He was helping Mommy make cookies.
you made a mess.
You're right, Mommy makes messes too.
Daddy. Daddy.
Try the cookies. Try the cookies.
Mmmmm. Who made these good cookies?
I did--and Mommy helped.
Mommy. Daddy. Look.
What are you making, Caillou?
A big mess.
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Caillou - Caillou Makes Cookies (S01E01) | Cartoon for Kids

555 Folder Collection
Lee Hung Hsu published on November 12, 2018
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